Nota Bene #56

Hot links from recent days: A space rock 100′ wide came within a few miles of hitting Earth … The Beach Boys + Ray Charles = Awesomeness … US immigration policies bring global shame on us, argues Roberto Lovato … Harlem’s legendary Apollo turns 75 this year … Barbara O’Brien discusses gimmicks and the GOP at Mahablog … Sonia Dong profiles the amazing Moken people at Environmental Graffiti … Ari Melber on how insiders failed Obama … Inside the new science of neuroengineering: a report by Quinn Norton at WiredRev. Billy of the Church of Life After Shopping is challenging Bloomberg for NYC mayor … Lars Ulrich: I downloaded music illegally … Michael Steele, fugitive slave … German biz mag declares the age of national economic policies in Europe over … The sad past but hopeful future of a feral little girl, Dani LierowOnion: The CIA’s been using black highlighters all this time … Andy Worthington’s “definitive list” of Gitmo’s prisoners … Parenting’s a big waste of time, didn’t you know? … Guess which prominent US senator says Obama’s war plans are too costly, too vague, and possibly too dangerous? … Mark Pagel’s handy guide to Stone Age small talk … A Republican lawmaker says he might be a “closet Democrat” … News from a local editor: there’s very little real news on “the blogs” … The Economist says it knows how to stop the drug wars … David Corn wonders if the Israeli-Palestinian conflict can be debated honestly … Tensions in Tibet continue to rise; China speaks of another Great Wall … Tom Engelhardt’s dictionary of American Empire-speak … Rush Limbaugh is the least of the Republican’s problems, claims Nate Silver … And finally, gag headline from S&R friend Lee Camp: Virginia joins the Green Revolution by attempting the first wind-powered execution. ∞

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  1. The link to peers making the difference made me smile.

    I have lost count of the number of times I have heard parents say that they are not sending their offspring to such and such place/school/club/whatever because of the bad influence of peers.

    Parents are totally aware of peer pressure and that the environment a child finds itself in will hold more sway than the rules/culture imposed at home.

    Middle class parents love to cluster together and colonise schools in the UK. Keeping out the ‘trouble’ as much as possible – they hope.

    The Labour Government, meanwhile, enjoys social engineering and thwarting parents who are religious/conservative/not liberal at every turn when it comes to their choosing of schools and school types.

    Friends remain the single most important carriers of the cock-up gene as far as many parents are concerned.

    The battle rages on…