Nota Bene #56

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Enduring blunder

by Jeff Huber

President Obama has committed 17,000 additional troops to Operation Enduring Freedom, our misadventure in Afghanistan.His generals don’t know what to do with those troops when they get there; they’re not even sure what troops to send.Someone on Obama’s sprawling national security team should have told him it’s a bad, bad idea to send troops into a combat zone without a well-defined task and purpose.Ronald Reagan’s 1983 end zone fumble in Beirut should serve as a shining example of that maxim, but today’s defense hierarchy isn’t keen on learning from the past.Neocon luminary Fred Kagan, chief architect of the surge strategy, taught military history at West Point for a decade, which shows you how little regard the Army has for the subject.

The Keystone Kollege of Armed Konflict Knowledge that all our generals seem to have attended doesn’t place much importance on coherent strategy making, either. Continue reading