Photography – Flag Reflection

by Dawn Farmer

I was taking pictures last week at the local marina. The sky was stunningly blue and the water as still as a mirror. It was a real treat to have the chance to play with such circumstances. I was shooting the reflection of masts when I noticed the American flag reflection.

Since the air was very still I had to wait some minutes for a breeze to move the flag enough to create this image. I took the picture simply because it was cool.

Reviewing the picture later that afternoon I began to wonder about the emotions this image might stir. I showed it to some friends. One person identified the upside down flag as a signal of distress.

Is this image a metaphor for the current situation in America? Are we in distress and underwater? Or do you see the potential in the blue sky?

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  1. Thanks Dawn. I don’t know why, but my first glimpse of this was actually shocking. It did something to my brain.

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