Photography – Puget Sound

by Dawn Farmer

Olympic Mountains

This is really a reply to Fikshun’s comment yesterday about the weather in Seattle. I’m happy to leave you with the idea that we have awful weather. Yep, pretty bad all year…

We have gloom and damp – no lie. February is brutal. The day has lengthened just long enough to realize that everything is filthy dirty and still dead as a doornail. It does improve. I have resisted posting pictures of the general geography – postcards are meant for that purpose. I was organizing my photos the other day and realized I could probably post a picture of a ferry boat or the mountains everyday for a month with no duplicates. I promise to spare you all.

Our summers are glorious – long evenings and late sunsets. The maritime climate allows for beautiful gardens and magical trees. The weather of the lowlands is moderated by the two mountain ranges – the Olympics and the Cascades. We do have some mud and lots of moss.

You may already know that many places in the United States receive more rain than Seattle. Lots of folks only experience the drizzly wet weather we are known for – but we have a secret beautiful summer that makes it all worth while. By the way – this photo was taken in January – proof of blue skies!

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  1. JSO’Brien – a bit further north, actually Marina Beach Edmonds.

    Ubertramp – in favor of snow or against? We had some snow this winter. It crippled the city completely. I’m not much for skiing, so I don’t know how the resorts managed. I’m more for sledding and tubing. 🙂

  2. Ah. Edmonds. I don’t know Edmonds well, and don’t believe I’ve ever been to Marina Beach. It didn’t look like it had enough houses to be Magnolia, but I couldn’t think of any other place in Seattle proper to get that shot. At first, I thought it might be Alki with the Cascades in the background but, no, those are the Olympics, for sure.

    Thanks for the response. My brain was a bit inside out trying to place the shot.

  3. Hey. Anyone can buy a copy of photoshop. ;P

    But seriously, that’s a nice shot, and yes, I believe that the pacific northwest has to be nice sometimes. Apologies if it sounded like I was knocking the area.

  4. Fikshun – I figured you were teasing me actually. 🙂 I confess the first time I visited Seattle I expected something awful and it was beautiful. We honeymooned out here, loved it and moved a few years later.