Photography – What's It Wednesday

by Dawn Farmer

Naming rights awarded to Rho!

Here is your image – play through…

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  1. Nope. It’s not a dishwasher. The camera stayed dry because it was inside the car. I’m guessing water on the windshield inside a car wash.

    I thought Dawn was in the Northwest. Do people really wash their cars in Seattle? Why?

  2. Bah. Clearly, she’s in the front seat of her spaceship, sitting inside the local fly-in spaceship-wash. The picture is the first splash of de-mineralization agent to hit her front deflector screen. Dishwasher? Pshah! Amateurs.

  3. fikshun wins – inside a car inside a car wash. We do wash our cars in the Pacific Northwest… I hadn’t washed my car in so long I think 5 pounds of dirt came off in the wash. 🙂

    Ubertramp – I have to take the spaceship to Vancouver for de-mineralization. The Canadians are less uptight about extra-terrestrial vehicle maintenance.

    The rest of you have me thinking about the dishwasher now… there is only a ten second delay on the shutter. I bet I couldn’t get the dishwasher shut and restarted that fast.

    See you next Wednesday!

  4. I’m beginning to think that fikshun has a time machine, too. I think he went back in time to post his guess 10 microseconds before I posted mine. Must be a consequence of having all those electric keyboards layin around. 🙂

  5. Damn you, fikshun. I’ll never wake up earlier than Rho again… this was my only chance.

  6. Ann – take heart – I think I’ll put the next one up in the afternoon… or maybe even evening. 🙂

  7. @ Ubertramp: I wish my keyboards did that. Most days, I’m just happy when they will talk to each other. No, I’m afraid the reason for posting a microsecond before you is quite simple. I sent away for one of those home “Be like the CIA” mind reading kits a couple of weeks ago. The ad was in the Rocky Mountain News, which I’m guessing is why no one else has heard of them. It’s a shame. These things work like a charm. You’d think the CIA wouldn’t need waterboarding with gizmos like these. I guess they must do it out of sheer, sadistic pleasure.

    @ Ann: apologies. Hell, what excuse do we have? We’re an hour or two ahead of some of these folks. But seriously, I doubt I’ll get the next one. Dawn has a good eye for finding the strange in the mundane.

    @ Dawn: Does the dirt start out as mud? I just figured that Mother Nature did most of the car washing Herself up there. I’ve only ever been up that way for business trips and the weather has always lived down to its reputation every time. Great picture!