Photography – Object for Friday

by Dawn Farmer

Yesterday was a roll of toilet paper – congratulations to Terry.

I saved a special picture for Friday.

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  1. Rho, if you know so much, why does it have the furrows? Are you saying it’s a miniature Zen garden or something?

  2. Given the recent trend in Dawn’s series of pictures, I was thrown off at first. I know she lives near water, and I know that several of S&R’s writers and readers are very much into hydroponics. These seeds look vaguely like the discarded eggs of a race of aliens called Rhastafjordians. They are hyper intelligent plants with flowers that look like a cross between orchids and daisies. Once fertilized, they generate seedpods that look like yellow pomegranates. Because they generate so many seedlings, they have long since learned to dedicate the resources of their hydroponic hatcheries to offspring with genetically viable traits. As they see no moral or ethical dilemmas to this practice, they toss the non-viable seeds into the trash. I thought that Dawn was visiting their SFO off the coast and she found this just after the Rhastafjordians left the planet. And, as everyone knows, space cruisers jettison their trash before going into hyperspace. I thought that these seedlings were mere flotsam on the beach.

    But as I said, that initial supposition was wrong. The answer is far more terrestrial, if no less critical to technomage society.

    There’s a hidden village in a glade in the foothills of the Italian Alps, called Belocci. Most people don’t know about it because they tend to keep to themselves, and several wards have been placed about the village to discourage visitors. However, those in the know recognize that the people of Belocci have been making beautiful glass works of art for centuries. Perhaps Doc Slammy visited there with his wife a few years ago.

    Prior to processing, the sand in that picture is found on the shores of the river, Sha, that runs just outside of town. Runoff from a nearby glacier. The silica there is of a unique quality that seems to be imbued a certain magickal aura. This aura is often augmented by organic additives mixed into the glass prior to shaping. For instance, the seeds in the picture are from a tree called, Tacchio. I’ve never seen the tree in bloom, but I know that the Bellocian women collect thousands of seeds from this tree every fall and grind them into a fine powder. When this powder is added to the superheated silica, the result is a deep, dark blue color in the glass when it cools. The “impurities” also lend a certain diamond-like sparkle to the glass when exposed to moonlight.

    This is where the technomages come in. The ceremonial athame of many of the older, more traditional technomage elders consist of a handle constructed of llama leather and Tacchio heartwood (the tree is never killed by mortals, but by the gods, i.e. lightning), and blades of this blue glass. Every few years (I haven’t figured how they decide how much time must pass), there is a Tacchio Festival to re-establish century old ties between the Bellocians and the technomages. They exchange vows and, of course, gifts. Once a technomage reaches the highest inner circle of their mysterious hierarchy, he or she is given a rare “Blade of the Night Sky.” As part of the traditional “gifting ceremony,” the priest and priestess “give back to the gods” by tossing Tacchio seeds and sand into the Sha River.

    Dawn must have found these seeds on the riverbank the morning after one of these ceremonies.

  3. Rho,
    Ubertramp is starting to scare me…

    I would agree (strongly) with Ann regarding the need for meds. As for her suggestion about sex, I really don’t know if that’d help.

  4. With the explanation offered by Ubertramp – it would be so pedestrian of me to just say salt and pepper…

    I must say thank you to you all for a very entertaining and educational week. It’s all going in my report notes.

    Happy weekend!

  5. Where do I sign up for the Church of the Mike? And can I be on the Divine Sacrament Development Committee?

  6. I’m guessing this means you didn’t visit Belocci while in Italy. That’s a shame. There’s a glass green gargoyle in front of the local inn that would make your jaw drop.

  7. Doc Denny, So far it’s a pretty exclusive order. Not too many people are willing to put up with the mercurial nature of its belief system.