Photography – Object for Thursday

by Dawn Farmer

Yesterday Nick and Elaine identified the inside of the washing machine – congratulations, you win the box of Tide detergent.

For your consideration today:

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  1. Dawn,

    This one is easy. It’s a cardboard tube like used for storing maps, or wrapping paper or paper towels.

  2. Ubertramp,

    Regardless of what you think this is not the fuel injector for Dawn’s warp drive. 😉

  3. Rho, of course not. On the surface, it has nothing to do with the warp drive. Any idiot could see that this looks like a spent toilet paper tube. But the question is, where did it came from and what is it doing in Dawn’s basement? I, of course, have a theory.

    This is the original copy of one of the Dead Sea Scrolls, as they were originally inscribed by a race of insectoid aliens, Xithicusians. Unlike the mere copies found by that sheep herder in that hole, the Xithicusians preserved this original in a vacuum to avoid atmospheric oxidation and the subsequent degradation (which is why the layers of parchment are held together so tightly).

    Originally, the document wasn’t twisted, as it seems to be now. This is probably because it was stored in the same room as the warp drive for generations. Both the drive, and the scroll have been passed down through the generations of Dawn’s family. Over centuries, proximity to a black whole, no matter how tiny, can have an effect on surrounding matter. Particularly when it wasn’t hardened to exposure to tachyons. Hence, the twisted nature of the scroll.

    However, Dawn’s family has learned to use this defect to advantage. The scroll is stored in a bathroom now, next to a toilet. No one ever uses the bathroom now because it is perpetually out of tissue paper. The perfect hiding place is one that is in plain sight.

    Clearly, Dawn’s a member of the Technomage Illuminati.

  4. I hope Dawn and Ubertramp will collaborate on an art exhibit at some point.

    For my part, I had a flashback to a former life when I was a hamster.

  5. god has tunnel vision?

    and my dog concurs with Gindy; every time I finish a roll or pull that last paper towel.

  6. Dawn,

    Love this series and hope you will continue even past tomorrow, mayby 2 or 3 times a week or even weekly as mayby What’s it Wednesday. 🙂

  7. Fikshun, that was my original thought. Or, at least, related to it. I thought it might have been a prop for the movie I mentioned yesterday. But then I realized that it’s entirely too small if Paris is involved.

  8. Like we are supposed to believe that Mike, remember some of us know you and realize how appropriate the TRAMP part of your handle is. 😉

  9. Rho, Yeah. I’m a tramp. This coming from a guy who has been known to wear a teddie in public. 🙂

    Someone better get that filter back to Phelps before he starts selling those gold trinkets on ebay to buy a new one…

  10. Terry wins the home version of the game today!

    Rho suggests a weekly version of this game called What’s It Wednesday. I’ll check with the authorities and see if they approve. 🙂

    Ubertramp – you realize I can neither confirm or deny that membership.

    See you all tomorrow.

  11. Ubertramp,
    So have you been spending a lot of time in Dawn’s basement, then? You did say that that makes things twisted and warped, right? 😉

  12. Are you kidding? If I had access to a warp drive, do you think I’d still be on this backasswards planet? Oh, hell no. Have towel, will travel. This is simply theory based on the known facts as they have been presented. And what I’ve been able to dig up and verify using my contacts. 🙂

  13. Fikshun,

    The level at which some of us have been cruising at for years leads me to believe that DOWN is not necessarily the direction you may be taking us. 🙂


    You have to admit I make a better Franky than I would a Rocky. Just envision me in the tight gold spandex shorts…that mental image is my present to you this fine day. 😉