Republicans gather in Colorado to … praise Hitler?

Yes, that’s Michelle Malkin. Other dignitaries in attendance included Tom Tancredo and a variety of state GOPpers (like CO Republican chairman Dick Wadhams – and no, I didn’t make that name up).

For a second I considered the possibility that my headline might be unfairly inflammatory. Or maybe just unfair, period. But upon review, if you’re dumbass enough to let Swastika Guy onstage and dumbasser enough to sit there grinning like a monkey on a Sybian while he snaps a picture, you deserve what you get.

I can’t think of any reason I should care more about your public image than you do, after all.

More at ProgressNow Colorado…

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  1. I understand the embarrassment this must be to the Republican party, probably the same feeling the Democrats must have had when pictures were found of Che hanging on the walls of several Obama campaign offices.


  2. Define innocent, I guess.

    Hitler killed Jews and others because he found them “dirty”.. From what I found on Che on the internets, he was a revolutionary who primarily fought oppression; a freedom fighter. He went after governments that instituted inequality as their mainstay.

    I think and imperialistic mass murderer who did it for sick reasoning is someone entirely different than a freedom fighter trying to break the chains of oppression and abuse for people that can’t do it for themselves.

    If you have information about Che killing for fun, or because he thought someone (as an ethnicity) was “dirty” and “unworthy of life”, let me know.. I don’t know much about him, so I’m coming from a place of great ignorance on Che.. but I’m pretty sure Hitler was a disgusting human being who wasn’t the slightest bit interested in helping the world, and Che seems his antithesis. ….. Perhaps I’m mistaken. But the “modern culture” seems to hold the image of Che as a freedom fighter, not the kind of person Hitler was.

    The difference (with regard to Jeff’s post) would be that the right-wing is chock full of bigots, much like Hitler and the Nazis. The left is chock full of those that want an end of suffering and to spread tolerance and acceptance. So, saying campaigners having what’s considered an icon of “freedom” on their walls is some how like an entire party that almost cheers Hitler seems a bit disingenuous. A distraction, at a minimum. But I understand the need to try and rub the feces off the Republican party’s Brand… even all of their leaders are trying to do it. But, putting lipstick on a pig still leaves a pig.

  3. And as a side note, “praise hitler” might be far.. since the pic seems to imply they are saying Obama is like Hitler. Bottom left clearly says “no”, and the swastica is in the O of Obama.. so, “No Obama the Nazi guy” is what that sign looks to be saying.. unless I’m missing something (I usually am).

  4. Savantster,

    Che was a really nice guy, and you’re the supreme intellect.

    You smoke a lot of dope or have in the past, am I correct?

    Why don’t you fire up that bong and take another hit. Times a-wasting.


  5. Hitler didn’t overthrow god… I did! And Che, whilst clearly having gone crazy paranoid at some points, was indeed only a minor league exterminator.

  6. Umm, maybe I’m missing something here. I don’t know who “Swastika Guy” is but the sign he is holding in the picture clearly says “Obama” with a swastika in the ‘O’. That’s not praising Hitler, it’s calling Obama a fascist.

    I see also that you’ve categorized this under “race relations”. What does race have to do with it?

  7. What about all the people who had to change their names in the United States from Hitler to Hillner or some other thing? What of those innocent victims of World War 2? I hope,in the future, somebody with the last name of Jones, Smith, or Ryan, doesn’t try to take over the world…