Photography – Object for Wednesday

by Dawn Farmer

Just about everyone identified the image yesterday – a stack of blank CDs. qy was the first to respond, so the judges declare you the winner, but points go to Ubertramp for the most creative answer.

You all are very good at this game, so I had to search for an interesting image. It’s unlikely I’ll stump you, but maybe this will slow you down some… have a guess.

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  1. I don’t know… the top in particular looks very glassy, and those could be dimples rather than sharp holes.

  2. Oooh, good one. It could be sitting in a sink with water in the bottom. Or maybe a fine grater.

  3. It’s definitely glass.. and I’d say bowl like. Candle holder could be as well, but it’s pretty wide for that (of course, at this zoom, it’s hard to tell). .. so, bowl or vase would be my guesses.

  4. This one has me stumped. But I know it’s one of two things. Both of which pretty much prove the existence of Dawn’s warp drive.

    Option 1: This is a ripple in the primordial ooze of a planet first developing nanobot life. The oceans on the planet consist of mercury. Each “dimple” is really a lifeform. And as they have not yet developed individual personalities, their movements are still synchronized along the planet’s magnetic field gradients. It’s possible that this is an image brought back by V’Ger from the other side of the galaxy.

    Option 2: This is a close-up of Michael Phelps’ goggles. He’s not really a mutant, as I have suggested in previous posts. He’s actually an alien from a planet where, like the planet in option 1, the oceans consist of mercury. He considered releasing the image after all of his endorsement deals fell through due to his recent arrest for using illegal substances. He had intended to use it to explain his rationale for using mary jane. It wasn’t simply to get high. It was necessary to numb his mind to the monotony of swimming back and forth in a swimming pool. You see, he is known throughout the universe for his feats of swimming excellence. But not for, as Ann put it, “swimming-like-there’s-a-fucking-shark-behind-him”, but for synchronized swimming. The more civilized nations believe this to be the ultimate ideal of physical perfection and Phelps is at the top of his game. He is so good, in fact, that even the mercurial bubbles that follow his every movement are synchronized along the lines of his personal magnetic field.

    As I have not been able to verify either of these options through my contacts at MiB, I cannot confirm or deny which is actually correct.

  5. I have. He wouldn’t sell me a newspaper the last time I was in New York. Said something about me causing all sorts of problems form him and his bitches at the National Enquirer.

  6. You all are extremely entertaining, thanks. I think I lost control of today somewhere around the nanobots…

    Nick and Elaine have the actual answer if it matters. Feel free to substitute your own reality.

    See you tomorrow – carry on.

  7. Rho, I was referring to Frank’s female canine reporters that worked for the NE. Jesh, get yer mind out of the gutter. Besides, he probably has his own video camera in his crib. I heard a rumor that Frank, Paris, and Mini-me were gettin’ together to make a movie. I think Frank has a crush on Tinkerbell. But don’t hold me to it.