Summer Solstice: “Gravity”

Gravity: Summer Solstice, 1992

Go tell it to the sea,
how he should let go
his moonstruck,

his shameless high tides –
climbing each day, each night
kissing at her cloudless

Perhaps he’d answer
that it’s all cyclical – hope
driving him up the beach and the brooding
low tides.

Even so, most of his time is chasing
fish into nets, lobbing
bodysurfers towards shore,

and coming to grips with a notion –

there is nothing new under the sun,
what goes up must come down.

Crabs have always scuttled among the rocks.
Sharks are still enforcing Darwinism.
And late this summer hurricanes will once again
rage up the Atlantic coast.

But only one moon, fair as pearl dust,
trails her sable skirts across the night
sky, and what is the ocean
besides his faith in gravity? –

dreaming the day wanderchild falls,
when fire makes peace with earth
and sky with restless sea.

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  1. You made me remember a poem I wrote for a girl I met one night many many years ago. Since this is Valentine’s Day, I’ll share it here with yours, if that’s ok.

    The eyes of a queen
    can clearly be seen
    By the pale cool light of the moon.

    Blue as Ice
    they have been told,
    And not for long, can one behold.

    but ney, I say
    for I have been shone;
    Oh, how they warmed me, deeper than the sun.

    The eyes of a queen
    are what I have seen
    On the day I met this One.