Darth Vader meets Mel Brooks

400risk_gameOur illustrious leadership is haggling over the super-sized bailout like it was the end of the world.  My god, do you know how much money we’re talking about?  Actually, i do.  It’s roughly equal to what the Department of Defense spends every year.  And for those kind of duckets we get our ass kicked by guys wearing dress shoes without socks.  To make matters worse, we’re going stone broke in the process of losing to pick-up teams.  We can call ourselves the Harlem Globetrotters all day long but that don’t make it so.  I have no use for the American Empire, but if an Empire it shall be does it have to be such a half-assed failure of an empire?

All this talk about getting back to the central front in the War on Terror (or War for Empire) in Afghanistan and today the Pentagon says that they don’t even have a plan.  What kind of self-respecting empire can’t even come up with a plan?  But that’s that problem.  There never has been a plan.  During the Cold War it looked like there was a plan: keep the Soviet hordes at bay.  Never mind that the whole thing was a sack full of lies from the beginning, at least it looked like a plan.

When the evil Soviets finally gave up trying to destroy us with their inferior military, political system and economy we had an opportunity to make the choice of disbanding the empire.  We even could have made it look like magnanimous victory.  But the mandarins all got a hard-on over Fukuyama’s senseless argument about history ending; Huntington talking through his rectum about civilizations clashing; and Friedman’s ass-hatted, benevolent economic dictatorship of the planet theory.  It wasn’t that the arguments were good, because they weren’t.  It was that certain people wanted to believe the arguments so they did.

Well, history didn’t end after all…who could possibly have seen that coming?  Civilizations have clashed, if you insist on calling them that, but that’s bound to happen if you go around trying to take over other people’s civilization.  And the financial alchemists’ successful transmutation of gold into lead has left only Friedman believing his own drivel.

Empires are built to fall, and the only way out is to believe that your empire is exceptional.  That’s one thing America has down pat about empire building.  Our empire cannot fall because America is different, special and indispensable.  Which happens to be what every empire says about itself, and the closer the empire gets to falling the more the exceptionalism argument gets trotted out.  But they all fall eventually, no matter how many times you tell yourself that it can’t happen.

Knowing all this, i still have to accept that America may have been destined for building an empire.  At a certain point the vigor of national youth ebbs, but if the nation was smart and lucky that vigor was built into power.  If you’re going to go down eventually anyhow, you might as well take a stab at owning the planet, right?  It’s not really my thing, but i could have gotten behind it under the motto of “Fuck it, why not?”  We all could have gotten nice uniforms and had house slaves imported from exotic locals.  It could have been great.

It isn’t because we’re the most bumbling, inept, pansy-assed empire the world has ever seen.  Dudes without socks aren’t even afraid of us.  The only people who might actually be afraid of us are our friends.  China, Russia, Iran…they’re not afraid.  They aren’t lining up to take a shot as us because they know that it isn’t necessary.  It’s easier to watch us bleed to death from multiple gunshot wounds to the foot than to try and knock us off the top of the hill.

We’ve bankrupted ourselves in a back assward pursuit of global domination that has failed miserably.  The mightiest military in history (or so i’m told) to the tune of at least $850 B per year and this is the empire we get for it?  I’m not looking forward to the fall, even if we do deserve it.  But i can live with the fall as a natural course of history.  What i can’t handle is the embarrassment.  Someday historians are going to make snide jokes about the lifespan of the American empire just like they snicker every time they read, “The Thousand Year Reich.”

And, no, it isn’t going to get better.  Obama is obviously on board with the plan and ready to draw a crude smiley face on it as disguise.  He is, however, probably going to be the worst in a line of progressively foolish emperors…if only because he’s broke and losing from the start.  More importantly, he suffers from the delusion that he can use the empire as a force for good and change it a little around the edges.  At best he’ll be able to hobble it along if he gets all that money.  But blowing money on an ineffectual empire is the fundamental problem.

Shoot the wounded beast.  Put it out of its misery.  And do it soon, regardless of draw down looking like the defeat that it is, because the empire that falls rather than dismantles itself leaves a failed, wreck of a nation behind.

Note: This isn’t about the boots on the ground.  Soldiers get trained, equipped and ordered from above.  All the bravery and fighting spirit in the world means diddly squat if the suits and stars from on high are enamored with auto-colonoscopy.

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  1. I don’t know that I expect this empire to merely fade away. Instead, I expect us to act like a wounded, cornered animal. At some point our desperation will hit a tipping point, I fear, and we’ll still have enough in the way of very sharp teeth to make that battle an ugly one for all concerned.

    And what do you mean we have no plan? You don’t call the neocon dream of an eternal Pax Americana a plan?

  2. A plan? You mean like something other than waging war? Russian President Medvedev even said Afghanistan can’t be won through further militarization. They might actually know a thing or two about what works in Afghanistan.

    Seems unlikely we will dismantle…

  3. You’re failing to see that the ruling elite don’t care about this “empire”, they have a strangle hold on the “global empire” now. Their golden city atop a hill just never included you, even though they told you it did.

    The NWO and IMF and World Bank are on the verge of owning _everything_ of value on the planet. The “chosen few” (being from rich families) will live like Kings and gods while 99% of the planet’s human population slowly dies out. They will keep a few million around for labor, to keep them in palaces of gold and do their laundry, but all of the slaves will be RFID-chipped and probably chemically sterile save the few they want breeding to keep their labor force running.

    It seems the “just about right” number of humans in any given civilization is probably a few million. Over that, you can’t keep everyone busy enough to keep them out of trouble, or keep them educated/trained in a way that allows for a cohesive society. Too many people, too many ideas, too much greed, too much abuse, too little education, too little compassion. We’re simply too big (many) at this point. We’ll fall.. Other countries will fall.. most of the planet will fall.. and we’ll have areas that are left behind, the outlands, the forbidden lands for those who stay in cities and keep small civilizations going.

    The species isn’t going away, but the way we live now certainly must… and it will be painful while it happens.

  4. It isn’t because we’re the most bumbling, inept, pansy-assed empire the world has ever seen.

    I don’t know about that. If this was the case, we probably would’ve collapsed long before now.

    The key to our current success is that we’ve managed to make most other developed nations on the planet invest in our success. They could’ve called their debts long before now if they didn’t think keeping us afloat was the only way they could stay above the water as well.

    Now, as far as using that leverage has gone, let’s just say we’ve been horribly blunt about it.

  5. General ideas like “Pax Americana” aren’t a plan any more than saying, “gee, i think i’ll conquer the globe.” But i agree that we won’t dismantle the empire and that the probability for us behaving like a cornered, rabid animal is high. That’s the worst part.

    Russia kind of has us over a barrel at this point, Dawn. We failed to stand up to them over Georgia and now, with a new administration that has a heaping plateful of problems, we need them (or maybe even Iran) to supply the effort in Afghanistan. The sockless wonders seem able to shut down the Khyber pass pretty much at will.

    We’ve only been a full-fledged empire since 1991, and we started on top rather than having to gain the empire. With all the money that has been invested in this country since then we really shouldn’t be broke and losing in less than two decades. I’m thinking more about hard power here than soft, but i would argue that the countries who’ve invested the most also had the most to gain for themselves by the investment. The Asian economies that support the debt fueled spending lend because they get the money back twice.

    And i think Slammy’s comment about the worst possibility for our behavior speaks to why nobody wants to pull the rug out from under us.

  6. When one hears the cries of gloom and doom, when one hears the rants of madmen proclaiming the end of the world, when one hears naive people ramble on about about the IMF and World Bank taking over the planet……this is an excellent indicator that the bottom is near and is the time to buy stocks. As Robert Bacon so wisely said, “The public’s always wrong, so to be successful, one must copper the public.” In other words, public negative sentiment always creates good bargains.


  7. I’m not proclaiming the end of the world. I’m not even decrying the empire per se. I’m embarrassed that we do such a shitty job of it…that’s all. And if we’re going to do a shitty job of it than it isn’t worth going broke over.

  8. Lex,
    I wasn’t referring to your article, but to some of the comments. Although I don’t agree with much of what you say, I realize that many people share the same beliefs as you. However, while you write a well thought out rational article, some of the comments are just plain delusional. All of the collective negative beliefs, including the delusions, manifest themselves in the market pricing, and enable the professional traders to take the other side of the trade, so to speak.

    Lex, although I disagree with much of what you say, I do respect your intellect….a lot.

    That being said, I’m very optimistic about the future.


  9. No worries, Lex.. he’s taking swipes at me while ignoring the ugly truth again. It’s easy to disparage and not address the facts, especially when doing so keeps the illusion of you being a good person alive.

    To deconvolute the double speak used.. When things are going to hell, those content to abuse others can profit massively.

    In fact, we’ve passed laws over our time as a nation that specifically say abusing people in times of “need” is immoral, and we’re making it illegal. War Profiteering, comes to mind as a pretty straight forward example. Usury laws (as I understand them, anyway) would be another example. I suppose, indentured servitude would be another example of some people being willing to permanently abuse others for their own “virtuous” gain. All “unfair” because its taking advantage of people.. but, boy! can that be “profitable”.

    The facts are, the IMF is absorbing massive amounts of natural resources around the world. They go into debt ridden nations and loan them money knowing the loans aren’t likely to be repaid, then to clear the debt, say “sign over that natural resource that you can’t actually leverage very well, and we’ll absolve that debt”. Water, oil, gold, diamonds.. Another fact is that the World Bank is actively working to manipulate global markets, and at that level there are a few players that are in control. Look at the top leadership of those places, and see who’s controlling the World Trade Organization (you know, that group that wants to make sure untested food stuffs and new genetically manipulated foods can be freely moved from country to country withOUT labeling and consumer knowledge/protections), those are the people running the world at this point.

    I know its all “gloom and doom” to point out how unemployment levels (if you look at the unmanipulated numbers, if you look at the “ugly truth”) and job losses are at record highs over the past several decades (34 years, by one article) and there’s no suspected bottom in sight.. but that’s also part of reality. It’s also, apparently, simply “delusional” to look at the “big picture” and “long term effects” of our behaviors, and to even give a first, let alone second, thought to science… you know, that thing that tells us the planet’s holding capacity is at most about 8 billion…? and we’re well over 6 billion now? .. my delusional math says we’re about a decade out from “this planet is full, go someplace else”.

    I’m also delusional because I’ve noticed that the State Governments around the Great Lakes all just entered into an agreement that blocks other states from access to the fresh water supply. In 20 years when the deserts of the South West have spread into the plains and people are moving out of drought lands by the millions, I wonder where they might try to settle.. Oh, right.. I forgot.. global warming is a lie, too.. we have nothing to worry about because it’s profitable to burn oil, too “expensive” to do anything about..

    And that brings us back to those that let greed and acquiring “stuff” drive their existence are the root cause of almost all the problems in the world. And they happily do it while pretending they are decent people because they “give until it hurts, isn’t charity supposed to be about pain?” while calling other people delusional.

    Of course, it’s those kinds of people that make the very Empires that Lex is talking about. And it’s those kinds of people that are content to abuse others for their own self gain, because without that, you don’t even have a desire to build an empire. It must just be us delusional folks that just want to actually enjoy our lives, or that can do so without the major portion of it being to hoard stuff even if it kills other people.

    I guess I’m glad I’m delusional while being in the midst of this Empire, and those that think it’s “cool” to kill innocent women and children to steal their resources and destroy their culture to be replaced with one of rampant consumerism just so the abusers can “make more profits”.

  10. If some of Lex’s comments are “delusional,” then count me among the deluded. The rhetoric of the king and his court can no longer be permitted to hide their incompetence.

    Thanks for the read, Lex.

  11. Lex,

    Again I misstated. I did not mean you or your comments were delusional, I was referring to Savanster’s comments.

    Savanster, you ought to do your homework before you talk economics, especially when you talk about the IMF and the World Bank. I’ll bet you’d have to google to find out their balance sheets. You terribly overestimate their importance and show a complete ignorance of how the real world works. Actually, you ought to stay the same, as I’ve found a correlation between your senseless, rambling comments and market action. Although this correlation is unscientific like the super bowl indicator, it still exists and presents a good trading opportunity every time you get your panties in a bunch. Because of you, I made shitload of of money in the markets today. I woke up and said I’m going to buy S&P futures at the opening because Savanster said so, not in words but by shrill comments. You’re the best fade indicator I’ve run into in a long time and are in a league of your own. You are so wrong in everything, that if you ever want to get rich, do the exact opposite of what you think and you’ll be mostly there. Since I am by your definition a baby killer, today’s profits must have contributed to the demise of a whole lot of kids…..and I owe it all to you. How does it feel to have culpability in the deaths of innocents, as you showed me the way.

    Lex, sorry to muddy up your article and get savanster all riled up.


  12. “I was referring to Savanster’s comments.”

    I knew that.

    If S’s take on the world is correct then God help us all.

  13. Hey, no worries. I figured that it would be provocative: it’s full of hyperbole. And serious journalism rarely uses words like “ass-hatted”. (And yes, Jeff, i know you weren’t talking to me.)

    My take on the NWO, etc. is that if there is some overarching plan being implemented by the ultra-rich and powerful…then these people are the biggest morons on the planet. With all those resources, what’s taking them so long? I think that it’s just rich, powerful people trying to richer and more powerful.

    Carry on…

  14. Lex,

    The real truth is that my lodge, Sarasota Lodge #147 F&AM is making a move on the planet. Our Worshipful Master is really behind all the problems of the world.

    Seriously, Freemasons get blamed for everything.


  15. “I think that it’s just rich, powerful people trying to richer and more powerful.”

    Define “rich” and “powerful”.

    You’ll find that the final definition of “powerful” is to “control the world”. It’s a logical conclusion to the facts at hand. Power is abstract, and once you have “some” and still want “more”, there’s only one place that can end.. until we become movers in our own Galaxy, then the end moves.. Once we’re inter-galactic, the bar moves again (Universal).. and until we find other dimensions, that will have to suffice for those who want to be “the most powerful”.

    What’s taking them so long? Not all humans are as painfully ignorant and easily manipulated as Americans. Convincing people that it’s in their best interest to be controlled, completely, by other people is a very long and difficult process, don’t you think? Humans, by their nature, resist and fight. “Hearts and minds”, because if people aren’t on board, all the guns in the world aren’t going to help.

    Google RIFD chips, and note that human trials are already being done. Those chips are starting to be put in everything under the guise of more efficient business, better accounting, all kinds of seemingly innocent reasons… reasons that only matter if your drive in life is to “maximize profits”. Since I don’t hold that as an inherent truth (I don’t find profits to be the end all, be all of our existence), I don’t see a good point in these chips, and I see _serious_ potential for their abuse.

    You don’t rile me up, Jeff. You’re not nearly smart enough, nor are you a decent enough person for me to care what your opinion is. You’re someone to be watched and contained and controlled so your vileness doesn’t become rampant… The destroyed global economies are an example of what happens when the likes of you are allowed to control things. Now we have some saner heads in control and while that will crimp your pocketbook, it will probably lessen suffering and misery on the planet in immeasurable ways. If that means less baubles for you and your ilk, so be it. Lessening suffering trumps your want of more shiny things every time. Your pursuits of shiny things caused enough suffering that your principles were summarily dismissed by the majority of Americans in the last set of elections. That should tell you something; when the ignorant masses that are America these days wakes up enough to see through the veil of lies you live under, that says something.

  16. Savanster,
    I wouldn’t mean to rile you, after all this is only hearty debate in the spirit of Franklin, is it not?

    On another note, with all the money I made from you as an indicator, I think I owe you something. I had a good year on Friday and it’s all thanks to you. Find a way to get me an address, and I’ll make sure a case of fine champagne comes your way. It’s the least I can do.



  17. Except, it’s blood money (by my accounting). Taking a payoff from someone that profits by doing something that I see as ultimately abusive means I’m participating in that abuse.

    So, I suppose I’m pretty dumb for having my principles and actually sticking by them.

    If I wanted that kind of excess money for doing virtually nothing while not caring about who might have to suffer to facilitate my riches, I’d be a trader.

  18. Failed miserably? Is their a country on earth, right now, while were engaged in two wars, that would invade Boston? The last time Missouri saw an army move through its fields was in the 1860’s. You have to change your currency into ours to buy the one globally necessary industrial commodity. We print money by fiat and its still THE reserve currency. I’d say we did pretty damned well, minus the occasional horrific atrocity necessary to achieve it. Other countries are scared /%$less of us. We send in military units anywhere in the world, regardless of permission, all the time. Other countries know this, it’s part of the reason we aren’t all that popular in some parts of the world; it’s just not on CNN.

  19. I obviously cannot write. Read “there” and “we’re”. The sad part is English is my first language

  20. Not to mention, the offer is also a (not so) veiled insult. Sharing the spoils he claims to have gotten by what he classifies as my being deluded and ignorant as the indicator?

    It’s the adult version of putting some animal feces on a sandwich and giving to a starving person and laughing at them while they eat it. The difference is that I’m not starving and I saw him putting the feces on the sandwich.

    Fine. I don’t take the blood money and stick to my principles and I’m dumb. But I’m smart enough to see he’s looking to laugh at me, not with me.

  21. Savantster, I meant no insult to you but made a mere observation. You were the one who started hurling insults when you accused me of killing children in my quest for profits.

    It is understandable that profit would mean little to you as you’re safely ensconced in the public sector and don’t have the worries of trying to do such things as meeting a payroll, managing debt, making a profit, and other things businessmen have to worry about. One thing that does pique my curiosity is why you”re a computer guy wasting your time in such a pud job. Shouldn’t you be in Silicon Valley or one of its counterparts where the best and brightest congregate, or does your inner sense of impotence prevent you from being bold. Or perhaps you were a mediocre student from a third rate state school who couldn’t make the cut???

    I referred to you as a fade indicator, no insult intended, because I modeled your posts versus a basket of commodities, back tested them, and found a statistical correlation that’s works right now. This is fact based information and science. Whether it works in the future remains to be seen, as Bacon’s law of the ever changing nature of cycles is always in effect. However, it is safe to assume that you’ll never be able to catch a cycle in anything and will always be a day behind the form. Not to say that is a bad thing as 90% of the people share your dilemma. However, your bitter attitude will cause you a lot of pain and failure for the rest of your life whether you are mature enough to admit it or not. You will remain a failure, in fact your failure is preordained by your own negativity and sense of victim mentality. It is necessary….essential for negative people like you to fail,and it’s not the system that’s stacked against you, but your own mind.. I vehemently disagree with the ideas of the fine authors of this site, but they do present their ideas in a rational manner, not the hysterical ramblings (eg:talking about intergalactic stuff…tinfoil hat stuff indeed) that you present . There is not a bogeyman trying to kill you and keep you down, just your own psychological makeup, which is your own personal bogeyman.

    There is nothing wrong in trading the market, and certainly nothing wrong with making a profit for being right. Somehow, I think you envy the fact that there’s people willing to take risks and are able to make in a day what you make in 10 years. I understand that 100%. However, your jealousy and class envy is apparent even to a third grader.

    Finally, you have these ideas about socialism, greed, profits, and the evils of the free market economy. While you spend a lot of time bloviating about all of the ills of society, what are you doing about it personally? What’s your plan of action instead of just slinging words on a website? If you’re going to express these opinions, you ought to be a man of action instead of a man of words. In the real world, actions do speak louder than words. If you don’t like the capitalistic system, then blow it up or something, but don’t be sitting around whining about it.

    It’s a shame you didn’t want the wine, but I do understand. To paraphrase Dr. Slammy and yourself, “You’re dumb.”

    That being said, to Dr. Slammy, JS, and the other authors who graciously put up with my dissension, you have my e-mail…… send me an address and I’ll send you some Champagne that was meant for Savanster. I promise you that it will be decent:) You can break it out at your next S&R party.


  22. Savantster,

    Sorry you don’t want the Champagne, and it’s your loss. If the authors of S&R send me an address, I’ll have my assistant send some to them and they can have a toast to your intergalactic power trip thing. I will add one condition, that if they accept my offer, they have to wear tin foil hats while toasting you(just kidding).

    I wasn’t laughing at your delusions, I was applying scientific analysis to your comments, correlating them with baskets of futures, and I found a correlation that works. I do that type of thing everyday, trying to find the elusive edge that will allow me to profit. Whether it works in the future remains to be seen as Bacon’s law of ever changing cycles could make the correlation moot. Speaking of cycles, the nature of the universe demands that negative, hysterical individuals like you will always be behind the form and will never catch a cycle in anything. You need to accept the fact that it is necessary… essential, for hysterical people like you to fail. But then again, your style of writing suggests that you’re no stranger to failure. Your negative hysteria plus delusional thoughts of high intelligence guarantees your personal failure. The world respects action, not words, and perhaps you would be better off trying to physically destroy capitalism by blowing it up than spend all your free time whining about it.

    Finally, as for insults, you were the one who started this immature behavior by calling me a baby killer, which is pretty insulting in my book.

    You need to grow some balls and stop whining about people that are willing to accept risk and put their bankroll on the line every day. Even a third grader can see that you have an extreme case of class envy. Get over it….there are people that do better than you because they work harder, take more risks, think harder, and are generally optimistic. Frankly, the smartest thing you have ever said is “I’m Dumb.” Follow that course and when you realize that you are nowhere as smart you think, then your real education can begin.


  23. I can never find a decent place to start with your posts because you always seem to bring in tangential BS that isn’t really pertinent. But, then, that’s all the right-wing ever seems to have.. distortion and distraction and obfuscation, and when that doesn’t work, flat out lies.

    “The world respects action, not words, and perhaps you would be better off trying to physically destroy capitalism by blowing it up than spend all your free time whining about it.”

    There’s nothing fundamentally wrong with Capitalism. There’s no reason to “blow it up”. The problem lies with abusive people that let their own greed and ignorance drive them to cause wide spread problems. That can be _easily_ mitigated by REGULATION and OVERSIGHT. We don’t need to kill Capitalism, we just need to keep it on a tight leash. But, then, that’s what your kind bitch about.. not being able to freely sell your snake oils on the “free market”.

    And no respect for “words”? That’s that anti-intellectualism creeping up again.. the right-wing _hates_ it when people “think” and “use words”.. It makes it pretty hard to steal people blind when they keep asking questions and using words, right?

    “Get over it….there are people that do better than you because they work harder, take more risks, think harder, and are generally optimistic.”

    Most of the people that “do better” than me don’t actually “work harder”. If they did, I’d have nothing to complain about, and you’d have nothing to defend. You’re offering up strawmen that have been beaten back time and again with reality, but your arguments don’t stand on their own, so you fabricate backdrops that don’t actually hold and tout them as reasonable. And to those not able or willing to look at your puppet show, they believe you.

    If you’d like a perfect example, Paris Hilton. She’s not very smart, doesn’t work at all, and has more “wealth” than thousands of poor Americans put together. She does better than me because she was born to a different family than me, not by anything SHE DOES… yet, by your accounting, she deserves better fire and police services, better roads, better access to schools, and should have all that while not paying taxes. I think the guys carrying the buckets of concrete and putting up the drywall in her daddy’s hotels “deserve” the ability to earn a living, not just be given a pittance and told to go die in the street now that the job is done. The construction guy works.. damn hard.. and by your accounting of the world, deserves to be shit of if no one is looking and you can get away with it; Paris deserves to be treated like a queen, simply because her family has money, not because of anything “she does”.

    “Speaking of cycles, the nature of the universe demands that negative, hysterical individuals like you will always be behind the form and will never catch a cycle in anything. You need to accept the fact that it is necessary… essential, for hysterical people like you to fail”

    Except, it was people like me that got tired of living under people like you when those people were Kings. All men are created equal.. except to you, where those with money are automagically “better” and deserve better treatment by the lowly people. You are the kind of person that history shows to be the abuser, the narcissist, the one who takes advantage of others then blames them for letting you do it. You’re the snake oil salesmen, fast talking scam artist, money changer in the middle playing a shell game and abusing the masses and laughing all the way to the bank. “Failures” like me, over time, are the ones that have managed to advance society by insisting on laws and rules and logic and reason as opposed to superstition (a tool used to control the masses for thousands of years). People like me are the people people like you lie awake at night dreading about when you hear that the peasants are starting to rise up against your power. Well, you do if you’re smart. If you’re too arrogant, the coup simply takes you in the night in your sleep.

    Destined for failure? Only if your measure is total bank account balance.. then, yes. Compared to you, I will fail. But, if the measure is in terms of “decency” and “desire to make the world a better place”, you failed a long time ago, and willful ignorance can never be atoned for. I’m proud to be a failure in your eyes, and I’m glad I’m a thorn in your side. If more people were like me, and more people like you had the light of day shown on them and were forced to look at the ugly truth more often, we’d all eventually win.

    But, that’s not what you want.. if we all win, that’s less shiny stuff for you to hoard, right? Back to it all being about you, to hell with everyone else.

    I’ve never understood how any christian could ever be a Republican since it’s clear Jesus was a Liberal and a Socialist. Everything about the right-wing is counter to what their religion preaches. And now you’re a “failure” if you actually adhere to those principles (with our without religion) and shun the gown of greed and glitz and glamor.


  24. Savantster,

    You write just like Theodore Kaczynski.

    When you were a kid and your mother took you to the doctor, did you ever hear the Dr. use the words in hushed tones, “hydrocephalic or crack baby?”

    People like you who shout from the rooftop about their honesty, piety, and decency usually have some deep dark secrets….I can only speculate what yours is, I’ve learned to never trust someone who always tells me how honest they are as usually it is a feeble attempt to convince themselves while picking your wallet.

    Now, from your demented perspective, you let me know that I have to fear people like you stealing my rightful, lawfully obtained property. So it’s safe to assume that you’re a thief also. I have a sense of morbid curiosity on what your social life must be like. You were probably the kid who was picked last for teams, and was the kid who came home after being beaten up on the playground.

    As for my presumed anti-intellectual bent. I have very solid academic credentials from one of the top schools in the country. I’m not the product of a third rate state school like I suspect you might be. However, we’ll never know as your cowardice prohibits you from even using your name.

    As for “decency” and “Desire to make the world a better place,” I would be willing to make any size wager with you that I spend a greater % of my gross on charity than you do. I’ll even lay 3:1 odds on that, any size bet you want to make, even risking the likelihood of you welshing. My munificence is well documented in my town……what do you do to benefit society except write whacked out manifestos on the internet.

    Some men are men of action, and some wish they were….you fall into the latter category.

    Addressing the concept of hard work, you work for the public sector and have never had a hard day’s work in your career. I work much harder and smarter than you could ever imagine with your limited capacity. I’ll repeat it again, it is essential for you, and you alone, to remain a loser in everything. Your mind demands victim hood.. Keep up the hysteria, and keep me posted, as I have said before, “You’re the best fade indicator I’ve seen in a long time.” Since you have this irrational compulsion to get the last word in, I hope this keeps going for a long time, as your words will end up making me money. You’re going to be a big help in my program of killing babies.

    Finally, why don’t you show some sack and go over to a conservative site and spew some of your strange ideas. Show some courage and step into the lions den and see if you have what it takes. Get away from your comfort zone of your fellow liberals and go debate over there….wait, that would take courage…something that’s absent from your person.

    This is turning into a great threadfuck.


  25. /sigh

    That was like the 3rd for 4th post were you did nothing to address any issues that have been pointed out over and over. All you’re doing is calling me names and pissing on my shoes. Since I’m not still in a high school mentality (and clearly you are), you’re not offending me.

    Don’t get me wrong, you’re offensive.. but mostly because you refuse to ever discuss points and instead prefer simply to lob insult after insult, then try to pretend like you didn’t.

    makes ya kind of dizzy, watching all the circles you’re running to avoid discussing topics. But it’s not unexpected.

  26. Since you’re about the most close minded person I’ve ever come across, it’s impossible to have a rational discussion with you. Since you have an unrealistic sense of your own intelligence, you’re blind to any other opinions except of your own. Since your obvious bitterness exudes from every word that you write, you’ve chosen me as your whipping boy in the comfort of your home field. Stop over to my blog and present your case over there. I’m sure you will find plenty to disagree with. However, my readers will treat your opinions with dignity and respect As far as name calling, you started it, starting out with calling me a baby killer and escalating from there.

    One idea that you have all wrong. We don’t have to fear you and your ilk, you have to fear us, as we’ll always be around and in charge. Moochers and looters like you will always be subservient to people of original thought and the real producers….you can take that to the bank.


  27. Wow. I come back to soap operas in the office, soap operas on the internet, and a circuit breaker blowing up at my favorite cafe. I should have stayed in Park City. At least the ice there was useful for something.

  28. “As far as name calling, you started it, starting out with calling me a baby killer and escalating from there. ”

    No, I pointed out an ugly truth, and you don’t like it. Not one bit. I can’t help it that reality gets in the way of your pretend morality. Kind of like the Empire Builders this thread started off talking about.. to have, you must take (on the scale you’re talking about, and that happens on nation building). Other nation builders in history include Hitler and Napoleon, right? And they did nothing differently than what you’re doing, they just reached out and took what they wanted and cared not for those who had to suffer and die in the process. You support those same policies in America because you can make a profit on that. The Bush family (of the Presidentx2 ilk) made money on suffering during WW II in Germany, too.

    I’m not calling you a baby killer. I’m pointing out that hoarding and gathering wealth in the hands of the few causes misery, suffering, and death to those the wealth is taken from. You call it original thought, I call it stealing. Either way, reality shows people have to do without so you can do with more and more, and you’ve stated that you simply don’t care. You’re think you’re better than them, and deserve more than them. Their suffering is immaterial to you. Ugly Truth.

    Those first two sentences of your post at 28 were 100% projection. I’m actually open to all kinds of ideas.. what I’m not, is, willing to take someone’s unfounded assertions (or flat out lies) at face value, nor do I call them simple “opinions”. When you have to abuse to get what you want, I’ll never say “ok, that’s fine.. that person you’re hurting for no good reason other than your own selfish greed is lessor of a person than you, so have at it”… which is what you would require of me to show I’m “open minded” by your accounting.

    But we’ve already established that your accounting of things that matter is seriously lacking.

    And you’re right.. you’re my whipping boy here. Why? You exemplify just about everything that’s wrong with America and the world. Your selfish greed and blind disregard for the suffering of others so long as you gain is, without question, the kind of thing that makes the world a LESSOR place. Much like nation builders who feel they have a right to dictate to those around them how to live, you feel you have a right to take anything you desire. You’re that bully on the playground, you’re the guy that drives massive inflation by sucking money out of the system for doing nothing. You contribute nothing special to society from an economic standpoint, you simply drain wealth from others and laugh as they wonder where their money is going. You’re the poster child for the “I got mine, fuck you” people out there, and since you are here, I’ll be sure to blast with both barrels the entire time. I have no reason to be nice to you, to coddle you, to reassure you that your abuse is ok because you say it is, none of that. If every person like you in the world died yesterday, the entire world would be a much better place today. Since that’s not gonna happen, I’ll have to settle for pointing out how big of a failure you are from the standpoint of humans supposedly being enlightened beings capable of great kindness. You think you matter because you have lots of zeros after your name, and think anyone that doesn’t should be treated poorly; I think that makes you laughable and petty and fairly non-evolved.

    Let me give you a few examples of the kinds of people that have the same mentality as you, but with just a tad less restraint. These people do things you’d probably never do yourself (don’t think I’m calling you these things), but they have the same “fuck everyone, I’ll just take what I want” mentality.

    Gang bangers wear gold and bling to show how important they are. Much like your expensive shoes and gold watch. Their bling is as much juvenile bragging as your touting your “expensive education”, and how that some how makes you better than me (or better than anyone that isn’t trying to one up you on your bling). You and the gang bangers share that ignorant bliss, that some how having money and making sure you wave it in front of people’s faces means you are some how validated and vindicated for your behaviors.

    Rapists.. They want control and don’t care if someone else suffers for them to get it. They have a complete disregard for what their actions will do to other living beings, they probably never stop to even contemplate it. And if it was pointed out to them just what kind of misery and pain their actions would cause, wouldn’t care. Some rapists have gone as far as to blame the victim for the clothes they wore.. Showing cleavage, apparently, means “I want you to beat me and violate me” to some people. You’re not too far off from that since you feel it’s ok to take money from “them” simply because you can. You don’t care that other people suffer and, when we’re talking about the international consequences of things like diamonds, die horrible deaths so you can have what you want (not things you need, but simply want). When it’s pointed out to you that your actions, your willful actions, cause harm, you shrug it off and say (metaphorically) “they shouldn’t wear miniskirts if they don’t want to get raped”..

    Yes, Jeff. You’re my whipping boy because of all the things your attitude and mentality represent. Most of the planet’s ills come from people like you, people who share your base mentality and world view. You feel you have some right to take anything you want and everyone else should just shut up and let you do it.. like the gangster or rapist or wall street bankers who fucked up the entire economy with failed policies (like deregulation) and now demand to be in a Socialist society.. at least until they scrub their books of all signs of their massive failures, of course.. then it’s back to “free markets”.. right?

    You’re a narcissist. Your values are all screwed up (in my opinion). And you refuse to examine the full picture and see what your actions result in, and when someone shows you that ugly truth, you lambaste them with statements like “well, I went to a better school than you!” and “you’re just a thief! how dare you work for a living!” and “you’re just jealous!”

    You’re as hopeless as the nation builders this thread started out talking about. I make no bones about pointing that out.

    “One idea that you have all wrong. We don’t have to fear you and your ilk, you have to fear us, as we’ll always be around and in charge. Moochers and looters like you will always be subservient to people of original thought and the real producers….you can take that to the bank.”

    And the nation builders that figure they will just take what they want and “stay in charge” are finding that other human beings don’t like being subjects to oppressive powers. …. Moochers and looters? really? How do you even fabricate such nonsense? I mean, I understand how you have to pretend that anyone that isn’t like you must be some kind of dirtball letch who wants a free ride (more projection on your part, since you’re not really working all that hard to do what you do), but you do it in the face of facts that show you’re just making shit up as you go. It would be funny if it wasn’t a mentality that causes policy that allows you to be abusive. You really need to find out why you can’t face reality, it’s kind of a sickness you have. .. Working for a living != Mooch, and I have a job; I’ve been gainfully employed for most of the past 10 years, starting right after I graduated college. But don’t let that fact get in the way of your delusion. Looter? You mean, taking things that don’t belong to you so you can have more stuff? like Nation Builders, or 90% of the people on Wall Street?

    I suppose I’ll take my queue from the rest here and simply stop responding to you now. You’ve descended to the old Republican standby of baseless accusations and massive distortions of reality in order to prop up your failed position. If I have one failing (and I have many), it’s that I have a hard time letting someone spew bullshit without calling them on it. But, you’ve made it abundantly clear that you have no interest in looking at the bigger picture, you have no interest in following things through to their conclusion, and you are content to put many discongruent thoughts into a post making it near impossible to chase down all the red herrings. I’ll just have to bite the bullet and leave you standing there, screaming about how you MUST be important, you have all that cash! .. /whatever

    (and guys, if this gets stuck, feel free to delete it… I’m shouting at a brick wall anyway)