Obama is a two-faced liar*

* And Greg Palast loves it.

Now I understand Obama’s weird moves: dinner with those creepy conservative columnists, earnest meetings at the White House with the Republican leaders, a dramatic begging foray into Senate offices. Just as the Republicans say, it was all a fraud. Obama was pure Chicago, Boss Daley in a slim skin, putting his arms around his enemies, pretending to listen and care and compromise, then slowly, quietly, slipping in the knife. All while the media praises Obama’s “post-partisanship.” Heh heh heh.

Wow. A guy as unrepentantly liberal as Palast is happy about Mr. Post-Partisan Pragmatic President? Most residents of Left Blogistan have been … cautious … where Barry O is concerned. But if Palast is right, we’re seeing the early days of a very progressive post-partisan pragmatism, I guess.

Time will tell.

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  1. Seems interesting to me that it’s ok for “bosses” to do anything they like in the “market” because, hey, they know what’s best for everyone else in the world.. but the nations “biggest boss” shouldn’t be comfortable while making the biggest decisions in the free world?

    I guess I should go back to school and learn different math.. because something just doesn’t add up to me.

    No one cares about the “general waste” that these positions have? Allowing excesses on one point is ok, but pointing out one other limited excess, one that is likely much less expensive in all contexts than others is pertinent? I’m thinking all those very very costly trips to Texas as the most vacationing president in history weren’t cheap.. but somehow I doubt we’ll hear anything about how those were wasteful or excessive.. and, in fact, I’m sure we’d hear plenty of attempts at justifying those trips.

    And what of the summer, when it’s sweltering, and the AC is left higher than what most would set it to? Will we see petty accolades then, of how it’s great that the AC isn’t used that much?

    doubt it.

    If only some people cared more about war criminals being prosecuted than someone’s intolerance of cold..what a MUCH better country we could have.