EXCLUSIVE: Leaked menu of George Will's catered dinner party for Barack Obama

by Brad Jacobson

Conversation at the recent dinner party thrown by conservative pundit George Will for Barack Obama may remain shrouded in secrecy. But one thing will not: the menu. And there was no shortage of food. An anonymous source leaked the detailed catered menu to The Wounded-Courier today. (Other conservative pundits in attendance included William Kristol, David Brooks, Charles Krauthammer, Larry Kudlow, Paul Gigot, Peggy Noonan, Michael Barone and Rich Lowry.) Here is what was served:

Hors d’oeuvres

Skewers of Unmitigated Gall

Fingerless Sandwiches

Record Dow Asiago-Spinach Dip

Mercury-Infused Bay Scallops with Deregulation Coulis

Chickenhawk Balls Wrapped in Old Glory

Choose one from the following courses:

Soup du Jour

Torture Chowder

Intellectually Dishonest Bisque

Puree of Lying Sack of Potato Soup


Segregated Greens with Reaganesque Croutons

Cryto-Fascist Pasto


Heartless Artichoke Tartine

Propagandistically Stuffed Mushrooms

Clams in a Half Cell

Indoctrinated Shrimp Cocktail


Beef Orwellian

War on Terror Risotto

Shredded Constitution with Well-Placed Leeks

Bipartisan Turducken™

Cold Shoulder of Pork and Earmark Dumplings

Tax Refund Gruel with Coal Ash Croquettes

Half-Baked Change over Discouraging Pilaf


Illegally Wiretapped Tiramisu

Cinnamon Renditioned Flan

Wingnut Brittle Gelato

Quid Pro Quo Cookies

Trickle-Down Huckleberry Sorbe

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  1. Excellent, Terry!

    crf, I called George Will and asked him. He replied, “We served water. Based on his campaign promises, we were certain he could turn it into a fine Barolo.”

    *fake conversation

  2. And Obama, ever the gentleman, wolfed down each course with gusto. He brought bottle of wine as a gift. It was a special 1961 Kenyan variety that was given to his mother on the day he was born.