EPA and ICE raid Executive Recycling (Update #2)

Update #2: The Rocky Mountain News has an article on its website that actually has a little more information than the previous 9News-based reports did. It says, in part:

Some competitors and watchdog groups believe Executive Recycling has been a knowing violator of the rules.

Henry Renteria-Vigio, owner of Sheridan-based Next Generation Inc., a competitor of Executive Recycling, said he shared warehouse space with Richter for six months in 2007 and was alarmed at what he saw.

Standing in the parking lot of the Executive Recycling warehouse Friday, he declined to provide specifics but said shipping toxic materials to other countries was “giving our industry a black eye.”

I find it interesting that the Basal Action Network (BAN) provided their e-Stewardship director, Sarah Westervelt, for this interview instead of BAN founder Jim Puckett, especially given that it was BAN who did the work tracking Executive Recycling’s containers to Hong Kong, not the e-Steward program BAN created. S&R uncovered possible conflicts of interest between BAN, some of their certified e-Stewards who are Executive Recycling’s competitors, and BAN’s work against Executive Recycling:

[T]he creation of the e-Steward program was announced on November 10, the day after the 60 Minutes program ran and three months after the GAO report was published.

Of course, even if BAN has a vested interest in the outcome of the Executive Recycling, that has no direct bearing on Executive Recycling’s guilt or innocence in this case.

UPDATE #1: Here’s the actual 9News video shot earlier today:

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Just got this now and will update as I hear more. From Denver’s 9News:

9NEWS has learned that agents from the Environmental Protection Agency and US Immigration and Customs Enforcement are at Executive Recycling serving a federal search warrant.

Agents on scene at 3245 S. Platte River Dr. tell 9NEWS the EPA is serving the federal search warrant under the criminal division of the EPA.

S&R has followed Executive Recycling since the 60 Minutes story about their alleged illegal shipments of e-waste to China. It now appears that the EPA and ICE have enough information to get a federal search warrant, which isn’t likely to be good news for Executive Recycling.