Photography – Attention to Detail

Manhole cover with paint

Manhole cover with paint

by Dawn Farmer




I found this irresistible.

What is under there that the cover has been moved five times?

Even allowing for fading, there are four shades of yellow.

Can you find the letter P? Is it P for Paint? or Power? or Puzzle?

Can you work out how the cover has been rotated?

Just now I noticed X-marks-the-spot as well.

I have to confess my less evolved self saw that Internet picture of road kill with a stripe down its back…

Since this was taken back in July, I can report it’s a bit more faded today and still out of alignment.

I will be checking on it in July for a new stripe.

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  1. A Public Works initiative, much needed due to the numbers being made unemployed, may result in a tripling of those stripes…

  2. At least 5 times, actually – it could have been moved many more times.

    Or maybe a municipal worker likes messing with the manhole cover. Like going through an anal-retentive organization freak’s office and moving things just a millimeter out of position here, a centimeter there, a rotation of 10 degrees over there, and moving one piece of paper from the middle of the stack to the top.