Gaza's eyes to cry with

“Leave them nothing but their eyes to cry with.”

— Attributed to a Union colonel of the Civil War serving as an adviser to the Prussian General Staff during the Franco-Prussian War.

by Jeff Huber

The United Nations has called for an immediate ceasefire and withdrawal of Israeli troops from the Gaza strip.Pope Benedict XVI has also called for a ceasefire, and senior Vatican official Cardinal Renato Martino describes Gaza as “a big concentration camp.”

The Senate and the House of Representatives have passed resolutions endorsing the assault on Gaza by what House Speaker Nancy Pelosi describes as our “friend and democratic ally.”

There you have the difference between the U.N., the Catholic Church and the United States Congress; the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) doesn’t own the U.N. or the Catholic Church.

And isn’t it striking that there can be two presidents at a time when it comes to the economy but not when it comes to foreign policy?Barack Obama is hot to ram an economic recovery bill of uncertain merit past Congress’s tonsils, but when asked at a recent press conference why he has remained silent about Israeli atrocities in Gaza, Obama explained that his “silence is not a consequence of lack of concern,” giving the Palestinians in Gaza a bird’s eye view of the veins between his wrist and knuckles.

Let’s Play Hard Bull

Our Secretary of State Condi Rice told reporters on January 9 that “it’s hard” for Israeli forces to avoid killing civilians in Gaza because Hamas is using them as human shields.Maybe that’s why Israel didn’t bother to even try to avoid killing civilians in Gaza, and went ahead and firebombed it.

I was hesitant to buy into the stories of Israeli forces using white phosphorus on civilians until I saw the AP picture of the incendiary airburst over Gaza City at the Voice of America website, and The Times confirmed that it had identified Israeli stockpiles of U.S. made white phosphorous rounds on the Israeli-Gaza border. White phosphorous and other incendiary munitions can create night illumination and smoke, but their main purpose is to burn things, like Tokyo and Dresden, and now Gaza City.

Condi also told reporters that she was “encouraged that Prime Minister (Ehud) Olmert, after an extensive conversation we had, agreed to open a new humanitarian corridor.”Condi didn’t mention if she encouraged Olmert to have his troops open fire on Red Cross trucks as they attempted to use the “humanitarian” corridor, a gambit that forced the Red Cross to suspend relief efforts. Nor did Condi offer a guess as to whether Israel forcing the Red Cross to cease operations had anything to do with its relief workers finding four starving children next to their mothers’ corpses in a Gaza City neighborhood that Israel had denied the Red Cross access to for days.

White House spokesman Scott Stanzel says the suffering in Gaza was “brought on by Hamas.”Somebody needs to tell Scott that even if Hamas had incendiary bombs like those, they probably wouldn’t explode them above Gaza City like the Israelis have.If they had artillery equipment like the Israelis have, Hamas also probably wouldn’t herd 100 or so Palestinian civilians into a “shelter” and then shell them, like the Israelis did, and if Hamas had a tank, they most likely would not, like the Israelis did, use it to demolish a school that nobody was shooting at them from.

Stanzel also said the present troubles began because Hamas refused to extend the ceasefire.Thanks to historian and journalist Gareth Porter, we know that Hamas made an offer to renew the ceasefire in December, and Israel shunned it.

Those cabinet secretaries and White House spokesmodels really should get the facts straight before they make up new ones, shouldn’t they?

And maybe creatures like Representative Gary Ackerman (D-NV) ought to get their ducks in a line before they call criticism of Israel “anti-Semitism.”

Nothing but Their Eyes to Cry With


The purpose of strategy in war is to focus the violence on a tangible policy aim.Not surprisingly, Israel’s Ambassador to the United States Sallai Meridor freely admitted in a recent lecture at George Washington University that, “we have no grand political scheme” in Gaza.

That means our “friend and democratic ally,” with the endorsement of our executive and legislative branches of government and with the tacit approval of our president elect, are conducting slaughter for the sake of slaughter.This is also known as total war, and war of annihilation, and genocide.

What a crying shame it is that the land of the free and the home of the brave should sanction such monstrosity.


Commander Jeff Huber, U.S. Navy(Retired) writes at Pen and Sword. Jeff’s novel Bathtub Admirals (Kunati Books), a lampoon on America’s rise to global dominance, is on sale now.

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  1. In the UK the BBC sanitizes the punishment of the Gaza inhabitants by Israel.

    Why the USA continues to protect and shield the Zionist state is beyond me…

  2. Despite the fact that the acts commited by Israel against the Palestinians are completely disgusting, the irony of Jewish people commiting genocide is kinda funny (not in a ‘ha ha’ way, but a head-shaking-out-of-sheer-ridiculousness way).

  3. That first image makes me nauseous. I literally cannot imagine how anyone would a) use their own children as human shields or b) how they’d lay fire into building knowing that children were around.

    The first casualty of war is your enemy’s humanity, because if you couldn’t make your enemies into animals, you couldn’t slaughter them with machine guns, rockets, tank shells, and suicide bombers.

  4. A story once was told of a Rabbi from the East who visited the area that was to become modern day Israel and reportedly said that the bride is beautiful but unfortunately married. It did not stop the bride from being kidnapped though.

    Should China prove to be the world’s leading superpower in the future would she be interested in assuring the continued survival of the Jewish State? Perhaps, she will be too busy grabbing land and power in Africa for her citizens and will not notice the crappy rockets fired at Israel killing a handful and in retaliation a mighty military machine turned on children and women. Then again China has no issue with slaughtering innocents either.

    What is painful to acknowledge is that the West is supposed to stand for something good, better, kinder and fairer. Rightly one sees that this is not the case when regarding Israel and our continued support of Zionist killers.

  5. What is painful to acknowledge is that the West is supposed to stand for something good, better, kinder and fairer.

    Another example of the efficacy of saying something often enough as though it were true. People start to believe it every time.

  6. When the Christian supporters of Israel come to understand they will not be welcome in the Israel of the extermists, watch US support for Israel come to a sudden halt.

    US aid to Israel is what’s fueling this fire.

    We know how to put it out.


  7. It made me feel so sad to see those pictures of people being bombed. You know, the pictures back in June and July of Israelis being bombed by Hamas rockets. Boy, if we had only stood by our convictions then and demanded that Hamas stop all of this killing in Gaza could have been avoided.

  8. You mean back in June and July when Gaza agreed to the ceasefire and stopped shooting rockets? Or are you talking about November when Israel broke the ceasefire?

  9. xexon: I share your hope.

    I wonder whether the aid given to countries across the board is a good way of covering up the extent to which the West was/is responsible for building up Israel. Israel would have been absorbed by the Arabs if it were not for the coin from foreign coffers, an incredibly supportive network worldwide and a religious belief that promotes the superiority of the Jewish tribe – why one ends up thinking that the people themselves are to be considered God – a God that will automatically avenge itself against all who do not kowtow…

    Television has a powerful influence and people are increasingly realising the free ride Israel is getting because of USA backing. Jews, Atheists, Christians and Muslims have been marching together.

    In Britain thousands have turned out to protest at Israel’s inhumane actions. Like me they were raised with ideals and standards – a sense of fair play and decency and a belief in the rights and responsibilities of being a human. If democracy is going to look like Israel then it debases the West’s ideals, hopes and amibitions. Equally the ‘democratic’ leaders of the inhabitants of Gaza terrorize their own people and operate in primitive ways to keep power and control and therefore a ‘solid’ body to oppose Israel.

    I remain thankful that I live in the West for it remains the standard bearer for individual rights and freedoms today. I do not have to fight a theocracy, communism or gang leaders to be heard. Those times have long since passed. One can never claim the West is perfect. The West is messy. However, it is always open to change because of the platforms given and the historical fights and, yes, flights to find a better way of living and working – the Western land grab was unprecedented. However, the clock cannot be undone in the USA or Israel.

    Both exist and will continue to exist for some time.


  10. It should be noted that the Hamas rockets are not much more than the hobby rockets that are available, except these explode. They’re terribly innaccurate. Hamas uses them not to cause widespread death and carnage, but for the psychological effect.

    It’s Hamas’s way of saying we can reach out and touch you too.

    You’ve got to use what you can afford. Israel has a rich daddy that looks the other way when Israel misbehaves.

    Gaza still waits for adoption. I don’t think they have to wait much longer. Sooner or later the Arab cork over this situation is going to pop.