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Sunrise over Boomfield

blue-sunriseI’m not a real photographer like Dawn, but I had to offer this one up. As I wheeled out of the neighborhood this morning, this is what I saw. I pulled over and took the shot with my BlackBerry – apologies for the quality of the shot, but hopefully it gives you an idea of how things looked north of Denver this morning around 7:15.

This is unretouched, by the way. I may play with it in Photoshop later…

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  1. Dr. Slammy – very nice shot…good way to start the day. Colorado doth offer some superb photographic opportunities..

    If you’re interested, wife and I have a photo website, L & L Photography at http://www.lowellsphotos.com/. Our daughter lives in Cotopaxi and we have several galleries on the website of a summer trip to that area (Canon City, Salida, etc.).

    Have a great day…

    Jacob at Contextual Crticisim – http://mythandhope.blogspot.com/ (where Scholars and Rogues is one of the “main” blogs read!)

  2. Stunning and we can all capture a bit of magic! Do you think the fires in Denver added to the color in the sky? or is your sunrise always so lovely?

  3. I actually posted a tweet about the sunrise this morning. It was particularly nice today from my vantage point at 104th Av & Colorado Blvd. Thanks for the pic!

  4. Jacob: Thanks – will investigate.

    Dawn: Probably – we’ve had pretty skies for a couple days now. It’s usually gorgeous – sunsets even moreso – but this is unusually spectacular.

    Dhamma: It was probably even prettier over there. I’m at 144th and Sheridan.

  5. Jebus, I think I need a blackberry.

    Nice shot dude for just “pulling over…”