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S&R nominated for 2008 Weblog Awards (LAST DAY!)

Today is the last day of voting! Please vote for us. Also, a climate-denying blog is presently leading for “best Science blog” when its content is hardly scientific. Please go here and vote for Pharyngula.

It’s true. Scholars & Rogues has been nominated (again) for a 2008 Weblog Award in the Midsize Blog category. We’re not sure who nominated us or why, but we’re gratified and honored, to be sure. But what we’d really like is to win. Especially given the quality of the competition.

If you think we’re deserving,  click here to vote. Or click on the image to the right. Or click on the image in the left sidebar. Just click somewhere, then exercise your god-given American right to … ummm, well, you know.

Seriously, we do take the nomination as very high praise for what we try and do here, and since I think I may have mentioned before that we’re not making any money at it (in a good month we earn enough to cover our hosting bill), we probably take it a little more to heart than do the big sites.

We appreciate that you take the time to stop by and read, and that’s all the award we need.

Still, winning would be nice…

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  1. If you vote more than once, wouldn’t that be cheating, kind of like stuffing the ballot box.?