Photography: Solstice

by Dawn Farmer

rope swing

We wobble, tilt and spin towards the Solstice on December 21, 2008.

This now silent rope swing reminds us to make the most of this Earthly transition.

And by the way – thanks for the warm welcome!

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  1. Love it: simultaneously stark and soft. The fraying rope of man’s imprint divides – without conquering – the mist, shadow, and reflection of Nature.

  2. Dr. Slammy and Lex – thanks for the comments! To answer your question – I took this photo at the Solitary Islands Marine Park in Wooli, Australia. It is on the border between Queensland and New South Wales.

    It is a working camper van site. The people living there go fishing daily. I wish the photo could have also captured the soft sounds of the boats stirring and life beginning for the morning. It is a remarkable place.

  3. Extraordinary. Also, parceling out one picture at a time both induces us to concentrate on the moment captured and leaves us hanging for more.

  4. Dawn,

    Would you post a high resolution version of this wonderful picture so we can all enjoy it. Frankly, I’d like a high res version to use as wallpaper on my main 32″ monitor.


  5. Jeff – I shall have to confess that until S&R asked me to post a weekly photograph, I simply took pictures for my own amusement. While I do have a horizontal version of this shot, the highest resolution I have is 2048×1536. I do not think it would work for your 32″ monitor. But thank you for asking.

    I made a decision some time ago to stick with the point and shoot model. I have a Nikon CoolPik L5. I love it – portable and easy to use. The camera can take much finer resolution up to 3072×2304. Future photographs perhaps!

    Russ: I’m glad you stopped to look. When I first saw the rope swing I could almost hear the voices of children laughing as they dropped into the water below. It was late June when I took that, so summer was over in Australia.

  6. Dawn, don’t let “size” fool you (re: jeff).. I had a 36″ monitor for a long time, it sat next to my 30″ TV and I would play games while watching TV with them side by side. The resolution (way back when) on the “big screen” was only 800×600.

    Even modern plasma/LCD TVs (acting as monitors) don’t normally have all that high of resolution. I have a 24″ wide screen LCD monitor (real monitor, not a TV that also acts as one), and that’s only 1680×1050. 2048×1536 is plenty resolved for 99% of the applications out there, and making it bigger will just increase file size with no real benefit.

    and I agree, that’s a very fine picture for desktop wallpaper 🙂