A boy named Sue Staten Island

It started innocuously enough when one of my co-workers e-mailed us the other day to say that his wife had given birth to their second child, a cute little girl named “Brooklyn.” Cool, that – never heard Brooklyn as a name, and I kinda like it. (BTW, many congrats, Scott.)

But this morning the storm clouds began to gather. Ashlee Simpson just had a baby (with hubby Pete Wentz of Fallout Boy, and I don’t even want to talk about that), and they named the kid – get this – Bronx Mowgli Wentz.

Brooklyn. Now Bronx.

I am so not looking forward to Brangelina spawning a son and naming him “Queens.”

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  1. I agree with Steve above. Maybe they could have gone with 7 instead.

    I had to talk my good friend (who eats a lot) out of naming the middle name of his first kid Mayo! He said it was a name in his wife’s family. I already make fun of him cause he’s fat, if his kid turned out to be fat and their middle name was the fattiest condiment known to man that would have been devastating!

    Here’s some other towns on the opposite end of the state that would make some fun names.


  2. Some years back, a friend of mine was dating a girl named Brook Lynn Bridge. I am not kidding! You can imagine the jokes, though. I guess it’s better than Gowa Nus Canal.

  3. One of my old roommates went to law school with a girl named Mary Mee. If your family name is Mee and you name your little girl Mary, you need to be in prison….

  4. The soccer player David Beckham has a son called Brooklyn. Named after where he was conceived.

    On that basis. I would be Berhampore.

  5. It could be worse. When I was teaching for the Air Force I had an Airman named Free Jones as a student. She got married during her time as my student and when I saw her name I first asked if it was pronounced like it was spelled to which she replied no it was french. i then asked why she didn’t at least hyphenate her name and she replied that even though her parents were hippies she was traditional. Her new name was pronounced Poo Zay but spelled Pusey. Yes she voluntarily changed her own name to Free Pusey. Finance called prior to issuing her first check by that name to make sure it wasn’t some form of a joke. Sadly it wasn’t.

  6. One of my best friends is named John Hancock. Whenever he’s out and someone needs his signature, they sometimes ask for his “John Hancock.” He obliges, and they are surprised.

    I used to play the Nigerian Scammers and waste their time, and would use the Nome de Plume of Hugh G. Rection. That got a lot of laughs from my buddies who read my correspondence with the lads.

    Whenever I hear the name “Brooklyn,” I think of the excellent song by Steely Dan on their “Can’t Buy a Thrill” album. It’s not bad.


  7. I know someone called William Lee Proud, but everyone says will insead of william and his teacher shouted this out because he was being naughty, such laughs

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