US military commemorates Obama victory by wiping out another Afghan wedding party

Abdul Waheed Wafa and Mark McDonald report at the New York Times:

An airstrike by United States-led forces killed 40 civilians and wounded 28 others after it hit a wedding party in Kandahar Province in southern Afghanistan, Afghan officials said Wednesday. The casualties included women and children, the officials said.

At his news conference Wednesday, Hamid Karzai, the Afghan president, referred to civilian casualties in the attack on Sha Wali Kot. “The fight against terrorism cannot be won by bombardment of our villages,” Mr. Karzai said. “My first demand from the new president of the United states when he takes his office will be to end the civilian casualties and take the fight to where the nests and sanctuaries are,” he said.

Exactly what is it about wedding parties that turns them into such tempting targets?

Is it an unconscious urge to make preemptive strikes against Middle-Easterners to keep them from propagating?

Hey, the theory is no less called for than the strikes.

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  1. The chimp is really doing his best to get some wars started before he’s supposed to leave in jan.

    If he declares martial law before the transfer of power, can he suspend the transfer? Does martial law allow him that?

  2. The thing with wedding parties is the excess amount of happiness in the world. It’s like that old wives’ tale about how every year they kill one innocent man for every hundred guilty ones that go free. Balance.

    It’s not Middle Easterners specifically, it’s whatever country around the world happens to be bombed at the time.

  3. Coming from a guy whose been to Afghanistan, the problem lies in the fact that wedding parties there are not like ours. They often invovle lots of armed men showing up and even shooting their guns off.

    This is not to condone the mistake or even to say that it was unavoidable, but please remember that there is such a thing as “the fog of war”.

  4. Savanster said,

    The chimp is really doing his best to get some wars started before he’s supposed to leave in jan.
    If he declares martial law before the transfer of power, can he suspend the transfer? Does martial law allow him that?”

    The peaceful transfer of power has already started. Bush will leave in January, and Obama will assume the mantle of power. That’s how it has always been, and that’s how it will be. Stop being so paranoid.

    In other news, The stock market commemorated Obama’s victory by having the biggest sell off ever in the history of the country, the day after an election. Wiped about a trillion and a half dollars of “wealth” away, factoring in all the markets.


  5. Y’know, jeff, markets went up when people were voting for Obama. They probably went down when McCain’s supporters said “Fuck that” to his tax policies and jumped ship.

    Just a thought.

  6. “Stop being so paranoid.”

    So, the increase in attacks of allies (Pakistan) and the killing of civilians when he (the Shrub) could be demanding more care.. that’s nothing to worry about?


    3 of the top 10 biggest drops (aside from this, which would be 3rd of 4 for the year) were this year anyway.. That this happened in the midst of lots of fluctuations for all kinds of reasons doesn’t strike me as anything of substance.

    and it’s only going to get worse. That would be the Republicans that did that. But feel free to blame the president that’s not even in office yet.

  7. I don’t think that the markets were commemorating Obama’s victory. There’s been a lot of talk about them losing some of the huge gains of late. But maybe they were, what the fuck do i know.

    Bob has a point that should be taken into account, especially since the orders were probably made from Florida…it’s hard to distinguish innocents from combatants when you’re half a world away.

    Regardless, we have to come to a decision: either we try to win hearts and minds or…we kill the men, rape the women, sell the children into slavery and salt the earth. (Or we could leave, but there’s pride and budgets riding on this so i doubt that will be the decision.)

  8. Bushco is trying to keep NATO casualties low and cheap by using air attacks. It’s pretty hard to tell a wedding from a Taliban potluck at night, from 3,000 feet, via video feed.