Burlesque for Obama

by Brad Jacobson

And now for something completely different…a group of crafty Brooklynites pooled their collective resources to produce this calendar of local burlesque dancers. All proceeds go directly to supporting Barack Obama (Obama’s campaign, though, is in no way affiliated; sorry McCain-Palin trolls). The dancers are accompanied by quotes from W.’s archive of inanity.

You can purchase the calender here and see the full calendar first in this PDF: burlesque_for_obama_calendar1

The origin of the idea? One person associated with putting the calendar together said, “My wife and I were having a lovely glass of pinot noir when I mentioned that I found Sarah Palin to be attractive despite the infinite darkness of her soul. My wife turned to me and said something to the effect of, “Perhaps, but liberal girls are hotter.” And that’s why we’ve been married almost 10 years and that’s why we made a respectful calendar of real girls who really care, doing real things for real fun. Consider it a demonstration of old fashioned liberal values.” Here you go, real America!

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  1. Well, talking a page from McCain’s hatchet-versus-scalpel style of leadership, I propose we simply ban the months of June and July altogether.