On Tuesday: suppress voter suppression

Election Day is nearly upon us. We’ve already noted some of the voter suppression shenanigans out there and there’s been a lot more since that posting. Frankly, I expect Tuesday to be a freakin’ circus on this front.

You can help make Election Day a cleaner experience for all of us. We’ve added a couple badges at the top of the column to your left for the Twitter Vote Report and the Voter Suppression Wiki. Our friend Tracy Viselli is volunteering on these efforts, and here’s what she has to say:

Voter Suppression Wiki:
Is designed to be a hub of information and action around efforts to suppress votes in the 2008 U.S. elections and is updated by citizens all around the country working to protect their votes and the votes of others.

  • we’re part of a new movement of grassroots election protection groups, who complement (and frequently work with) existing organizations, and are collectively giving people a way to get involved in protecting our right to vote and making “one person one vote” closer to reality
  • our strategy focuses on action, and combines a highly-connected online group with outreach into offline communities by radio, press, and network hubs like community technology centers
  • three major areas for impact:
    • awareness, in particular distributing “know your rights” and “what to do if you have a problem” information between now and election day
    • alert voters and media to important election information such as poll location changes, running out of ballots, extended hours
    • monitoring and reporting incidences of voter suppression during early voting and (especially) on election day

The Voter Suppression Wiki is working with Campus Progress volunteers on strategies for citizen activists on election day.

Twitter Vote Report:

  • Twitter Vote Report is the brainchild of a network of volunteer activists, technologists and bloggers who have brought this exciting new project from a blog post to a nationwide citizen engagement effort in 3 weeks
  • The effort is energized by an open source ethos that has attracted many participating organizations including the Election Protection Coalition, Rock the Vote, Credo Mobile, Common Cause and many others to work across institutional lines to augment their own Election Day reporting efforts.
  • Cell phones users will help create an open conversation about Election Day issues that can be “seen” through maps, graphs and other creative visualization efforts
  • Twitter Vote Report has been embraced by a number of media outlets including NPR social media desk, PBS/YouTube, Current TV and lots and lots of bloggers
  • We’re looking forward to Election Day when citizens will report their experiences and also help one another to find out where, how and when to vote – and all sorts of other creative uses of text messaging that we haven’t even thought of yet!

Press room.

What you can do:

  • Add badges to your blogs and sites:
  • Follow VoteReport on Twitter
  • Follow VoterSuppression on Twitter
  • Use Twitter and the code, or hashtag, #votereport on Election Day to share your experiences.
  • Voters can also send a message to Twitter Vote Report by:
    • Sending a text message to 66937
    • Calling to (567) 258-8683 (VOTE) to leave an automated message
    • Downloading the Twitter Vote Report iPhone application
  • Join the Voter Suppression Wiki and add voter suppression events in your state/city and help form strategy on the ground.

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