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Where Are You Online?: Episode 1 – Political Media

Back during the DNC S&R hooked up with the team from Zero Coordinate and EccentricProduction on the Tent State march and our interview with Lee Camp. Natalie, Paul and Chris were in town primarily to work on a documentary – a production I’ve been waiting on pretty anxiously.

Part 1 arrived today, and it provides a perspective on the process that most people probably haven’t encountered before.

Where are you Online” is a docuwebisode project exploring the shift from entertainment to ‘intertainment’.

We have a unique opportunity to document a shift in technology, entertainment, and our whole society’s view on “Who can be an artist?”

People making art spend most of their lives trying to find loopholes and secret entry ways into an industry that prides itself on being closed. We are enthralled with the idea that the gates have opened, and we are here to see what happens during and after the flood.

I recommend this very highly (and not just because of the particularly cool bits that start at the 2:46 and 5:19 marks).

We’ll let you know when subsequent segments are released.

NOTE: Some people seem to be having problems accessing the video link above. If you’re having issues, click here or here.

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