FOX declares McCain campaign dead, consigns them to the racist scrap heap of history

Wow. Didn’t see this coming.

Yesterday: FOX News VP John Moody said that “If the incident turns out to be a hoax, Senator McCain’s quest for the presidency is over, forever linked to race-baiting.”

Today: Police: McCain volunteer made up robbery story.

There you have it, in black and white (as it were). But still, McCain? Race-baiting? I declare, I just might faint.

*ahem* The George Wallace McCain camp issued an official statement yesterday, before Ashley Todd confessed, saying, “We’re shaken up by this. It’s sick and disgusting.” However, while it was important for Jesse Helms McCain to get these sympathetic and responsible words to the press, it apparently wasn’t all that important that Lester Maddox’s McCain’s Straight-Talkin’ Maverick Express get the word out to, you know, his own campaign mouthpieces. While everybody with an ounce of perspective was calling bullshit (and I mean this literally – within two hours I had seen the woman’s story picked apart about ten different ways), Strom Thurmond’s McCain’s PA campaign comm director was out in front of the press pimping this little minstrel show like a monkey on crack.


We have historically taken the FOX News claim to “fair and balanced” with a measure of skepticism, but today, at least, they have stepped to the plate, knocked the mud off their cleats and smacked a belt-high gopherball into the parking lot.

We salute FOX News and look forward to eight more years of honest, good faith journalism from them.

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  1. …if I am frustrated by this story because it once again proves how easy it is to blame a black man, or happy that for once the police actually left any bias out and did their jobs to resolve this case quickly….and the fox news VP’s statement? weird times indeed.

  2. Anyone really believe that Ashley Todd thought up this stunt on her own? Doesn’t that have a Lee Harvey Oswald-y ring to it?

  3. FOX is not going to change. They just added Glenn Beck from CNN (I applaud CNN) and re-signed Bill O’Reilly.

  4. well even fox (fair and inbalanced) smelled the rat on this story. will McCain appologize as he wanted the obama camp to do in the statement by congressman lewis? that he was like george wallace.

  5. Punish Ashley Todd, the Republican Racist Conservative Authoritarian Liar. This is unacceptable, this Conservative Liar should be punished, should be punished, should be punished, punished, punished, punished, punished.

  6. #4 Yes, I really, really believe that a not-very-bright, not-very-sober twenty-year-old came up with this pathetic piece of dumbassery all on her own. Spent much time around adolescents? She’s wasted, she tries to buy more of whatever she’s on, she gets the crap beat out of her and her money stolen, she needs an excuse for her parents… or there’s a boyfriend they don’t know about. Or something. The “B’ was backwards, for the love of God. The point, Ralph, is how incredibly fatuous and desperate the McCain campaign has become.

    #5 No, Fox won’t change, but it can’t hurt to give them credit for one decent act. Plus it makes us angry liberals look all generous and shit.

    #7 Would you like her drawn and quartered, OH, or would a simple public beheading suffice? Perhaps you could TiVo it for years of rage-filled wanking…

  7. To Brian Angliss (#2): the reason the B on her face was backwards was she claimed that her attacker was dyslexic! But he had a problem scratching her face through her pointed hood…

  8. What made me immediately suspicious was that the black-eye did not look like a fresh black-eye, never mind the backwards B.
    I have had a couple black-eyes in my life and hers looked like it was anywhere from 2 to 5 days old and no swelling.
    Fresh black-eyes are blood red to deep purple in color with the eyelids practically swollen shut and usually the white part of the eye is blood red.
    It takes days for a black-eye to turn that color black.

  9. America is finally healing. The evidence of healing is sometimes less than appealing. We tend to take the symptoms of healing as just evidence of injury or sickness, but it is the healing process which brings such evidence to light. Fatal injury or sickness, after a very short period of time, leaves a dead body, incapable of bleeding, swelling, discoloring, or evidencing pain.

  10. Arliss:

    I’m with you. I’ve seen more than my share of injuries from beatings, and the fact that there was no swelling on her face raised red flags all over. I’ve seen the kind of black eye she had, but that was from a broken nose, and her nose isn’t broken. Watching her taken from the police station in handcuffs on a video, I looked closely at her eyes and couldn’t see any discoloration. I suspect the black eye in the photo is makeup.

  11. The McInsane campaign should have nothing change for it based on this. Seriously (other than the comm director in PA being fired for wetting himself at the news of a Dem supporting abusing one of his party).

    This girl did this. This was a fringe right-wing moron trying to do something to help her failing party. She’s not alone in that desperation, there have been plenty of left-wing fringe people that do things that are pathetic as well. You can’t blame the party for what an individual citizen does.

    Granted, there are a lot of right-wing people that wanted to believe this “poor little white girl” was “brutalized by a big, mean, dangerous black man”.. but McCain didn’t hire someone to beat her and hand her a script (well, I doubt he did, anyway).

    This is just another perfect example of why our country is falling apart. Place blame where it belongs and don’t let one person’s bad behavior ruin things for everyone else. This girl should be punished for breaking the law. She should be ostracized for being so pathetic. She should suffer all the humiliation she will have hoisted upon her. But none of that should have any bearing on McInsane and his band of deluded nodalongers.

    As much as it bothers me, Michelle Malkin actually did a piece about suspecting this to be a hoax. What really bothered me was all the links she had to other cases where Dems did the same thing. The party didn’t do it, citizens did.

  12. And the B being backwards could EASILY have been that way if, say, he had her knocked down on the ground and was holding her with his legs and his chest/head was over hers. The argument that “it was backwards so that proves something” is a logical fallacy.

    Now, the bruised eye.. and the time frame.. that’s a different matter, that seems to be following actual evidence.

  13. No one ever said the “backwards B” was conclusive proof of anything, S. It was one more clue – and a rather laughable one, which is why it got so much attention – that the incident wasn’t quite as it was originally reported. And yes, it could have happened that way. Could be OJ is innocent. Could be monkeys fly out of my butt every evening at sunset. It’s a probability thing.

    Also, no one (no one rational, anyway) said that the Democrats have never made any boneheaded desperation plays. I can’t speak for the Democrat faithful, but being a member of neither party, S, I’ll continue to laugh at whom I damn well please, and call shenanigans where I see them.

    And finally, if the poor judgment of the Pennsylvania communications director for the McCain campaign shouldn’t reflect upon, well, the poor judgment of the McCain campaign, then I guess everyone should get a free pass from now on. The national headquarters may be officially appalled, but someone in the party gave that dingleberry Feldman his job as a mouthpiece. His emotional incontinence should have appropriate consequences as well.

  14. I third, fourth, or whatever the diagnosis of the eye. That’s no fresh black eye. I don’t know about the orientation of the “B”, but i will say that it looks pretty lightly scratched rather than “gouged”. She must have held very still while that mean ole Willie Horton was leaving his mark, very gently…after all, this is a white girl. I think that if i were ready to brand someone for Obama, i’d choose an “O” rather than a “B”…though neither would be an easy letter to gouge into someone’s face.

  15. MAYBE Ashley Todd is just mentally ill?

    By the way, I like Glenn Beck even more than I like O’Reilly! I’m sure no one here is “surprised” 🙂

  16. Ashley Todd is just the most glaring example of the lies and dirty tricks Republicans have been doing since before Nixon. She’s a racist (See her letter from jail..wow) and also mentally ill but her illness is not an excuse for her actions. In her letter from jail she states she is proud of her “accomplishment” at lying to the country and the world about a mythical SBMA (Scary Black Man Assault)since she might even get on a T.V. show or two. What a joke! A sad day in our country when you can make yourself look like a worthless boob for the rest of your life, single-handedly show the fearful racism of the average American conservative, for being a lying racist and yet you still get to be on T.V. She could have just gone on the Jerry Springer show…she looks the part and can lie badly, its a match made in heaven.

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