Welcome to Double-Reverse Vote-Fixing Theatre

In a smoke-filled back room in an elite, moneyed private club on the East Coast, the following scenario is being discussed between two of the power elite’s more powerful elites. Let’s call them Dick Toole and Harry Johnson.

As Dick and Harry see it:

  • The numbers have been crunched and the party’s McCain problem looks terminal. This presidential election, they conclude, can neither be won nor safely stolen.
  • They realize that they’ve lost the battle, but they’re entirely too smart to think they’ve lost the whole war. Remember, these people thing in the long term – the current GOP revolution began all the way back in the mid-1960s with some high-level theoretical work by a group of very wonkish academic types. So they’re less worried about who sits in the Oval Office for the next four years than they are about who controls economic and political policy making in 20 years.
  • If they must lose the White House until at least 2012, then it’s critical that they position themselves to undermine the Dems in every way possible during that period so that when they’re again able to seize control, they can do so with even greater power than before.
  • The GOP – as we’ve seen with the ACORN deception – seems to like the “Dem vote fraud” meme.
  • This misdirection notwithstanding, their ability to game an election is at least as strong as it has been in the past.

Dick says to Harry: “I have an idea.”

“Do you, now?”

“What if we get that cocksucker Diebold on the phone and see if his people can rig a few votes for us?”

“No point,” Harry says. “McCain is so goddamned far behind right now that there’s no way in hell to fix it. Not with people watching. Goddamned liberal blogger kids and their goddamned MyFace pages. Goddamnit.”

“Not what I’m getting at,” replies Dick. “Let’s have him flip a bunch of votes the other way – rig it so people voting for McCain have their votes switched to Obama.”

“You need to lay off the cheap stuff, Dickie boy.”

“Hear me out. Since we’ll know where the fraud is occurring, we can point the FEC right at it. Then we’ll have our folks in the “liberal media” turn it into the biggest story of the century.”

Harry nearly swallows his cigar at the “liberal media” crack. They laugh and enjoy the moment.

“So, anyway, it’s ‘Obama steals White House’ 24/7. People aren’t smart enough to know any better, right? We file a few law suits, get ’em in front of Tony and Alito and Roberts and Thomas, and hell, we may win this thing 5-4 again.”

“And even if we don’t,” says Harry, who’s finally catching on, “we’ve kneecapped Obama and the Dems to the point where they can’t govern. And in 2012…”

“WHAM! We’re back!”

“I like it, Dick. I like it.”

This short political thriller was presented by Just Smart Enough to be Paranoid Productions, which reminds you not to put that thing in your mouth – you don’t know where it’s been.

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  1. I like your paranoia. It’s got a plausible angle. The only sand I can see in that would be things like 1) who takes the fall at Diebold and 2) they really want the 2008 White House so they can replace some Supreme Court justices (speaking of long term thinking).

    I’m afraid they don’t see the 2008 election as unwinnable yet. I think they think they can use the Bradley effect to try to explain away a lot vote stealing. They only need a few per cent in these swing states. With McCain and the RNC pulling out of states, I’m more concerned that they’re just playing possum.

  2. This is NOT paranoia. The vote switching to Obama has already been reported happening in early voting in Tennessee. Keep this post handy, folks. In a month or so it may seem very prescient.

    The simple sad fact is that no one seems to want to acknowledge the simple facts right before our eyes. The so-called “Help America Vote Act” and the imposition of electronic voting devices containing secret software has destroyed fair elections in our country.

    The mass denial is a bizarre phenomenon, a kind of collective voluntary stupidity. Let’s hope this time around Americans are finally tired of choosing to be stupid.

  3. No, if they were really clever they’d flip votes from Obama to Nader or McKinney in close states. Then they can turn the election to McCain and at the same time put the blame on the independent leftist voters who they most want to marginalize. The Democrats would start whining again and become more intransigent then ever about moving to the left. Perfect, no?

  4. Idunno. The machines in West Virginia are switching from Obama to McCain. There’s definitely a problem… but… I can’t figure it out. Back to paper?

  5. I think the mdeia has got its bearings about it back. After 9/11, the media lost their spine and Fox News came to primacy. But there has been a backlash against that behavior in the media. So the killer poll #’s would be used by the media to say “hey, why would he need to steal the election”. Also, Fox news is no longer being competed against by the other cable outlets, so they are now stickly going fo rthe liberal dollar. So Fox News will only carry this hysteria and everyone else is fimly positioned as the anti-Fox. finally, Barack Obama does appeal to the better angels, both of the media and the country, so he will be both calming and able to dismiss such allegations with the Bully Pulpit.

    In Obama, we have one of the most thorough and adept statesmen in a while. I’m pretty sure he will do just fine. He’s whethered Wright, Rezko, and then all the false stories.

    Then again, the American ppl’s judgement has been $hIT in the recent past, so who knows.