Up next: Daxis

Dr. Michael Tracey played a major role in the capture and arrest of John Mark Karr, the man who confessed to killing JonBenet Ramsey. This much we know. However, in the wake of Karr’s release Tracey became a source of scorn and vitriol. Spurred on by the same irresponsible media coverage that got the whole case so criminally wrong in the first place, many in the public concluded that was nothing more than a self-obsessed glory hound.

On Monday S&R will publish the next installment in Tracey’s series on the Ramsey case, in which he focuses on Daxis, as Karr called himself. In this sequence, readers will finally see communications from Karr that have never been made public.

Not to shade your expectations too much, but suffice it to say that the contents of these e-mails are chilling, and I suspect you’ll come away from next week’s posts with a different view of the case than you have heretofore been afforded.

We hope you’ll make a few minutes for this S&R exclusive. In the meantime, the links below will help catch you up.