Month: September 2008

Nota Bene #41

Links of the Week (as opposed to the Weakest Link): Stop the presses: John McCain tells the truth. Laurence Vance at explains: “In an interview with 60 Minutes in 1997, McCain […]

A closer look at the NY Times/CBS News poll

Considering many of the staggering results of Thursday’s New York Times/CBS News poll, overall media coverage and examination of the findings have been less than thorough. With the seeming sea change that has occurred, when comparing public opinion before both conventions to public opinion now (the period measured in the poll), you might think it would garner at least as much attention as, say, lipstick-on-a-pig palooza.

Taken as a whole, findings of this poll — some noted in Thursday’s national media discourse, some not — paint the bleakest picture yet for the McCain/Palin ticket. The following compares opinions before the convention to current opinions: