Pundit reveals startling discovery: race = ideology

An interesting man said an interesting thing the other day.

Unfair, you say? Voters shouldn’t judge a candidate by his skin color. Maybe, but is it any more unfair than, for example, saying that because McCain and President Bush are both Republicans that a McCain administration would produce a third Bush term? No, it isn’t.

Ummm … you’re kidding, right? I mean, surely this taken out of context or something. Surely.

Well, read the whole thing and judge for yourself. It seems, at a glance, like Rothenberg is attempting to make a fairly valid point about how blind, uncritical preconceptions still exert a powerful influence on how people vote. So far, so good. But whatever valuable insight he was attempting to convey apparently got hijacked, drug off into the weeds and nard-stomped by a phalanx of Rovian Klan bikers.

If you’re missing the nuance, let me see can I clarificate for you: “Negro” is an ideology.

I know, I know. Up until now you always thought it was simply a genetic defect. And you naïvely thought that political beliefs had something to do with a more or less cognitive process. That is, one was how you were born and the other was a way you decided to think.

But the course of intellectual perfection is ever-ascending, and maybe Rothenberg is onto something. Recent studies have indicated that we may be born with certain political tendencies – that is, there may be a genetic predisposition toward being Republican. And thanks to Rothenberg, we now know that race is a political marker.

I’m not sure how we’ll graphically represent the new partisan order, but maybe it goes something like this: I’m open to revisions, of course.

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  1. check out the book ‘change your brain changing your lives’. If you read the descriptions of the various parts of the brain which determines our behaviour and outlook, you can understand how some people stay put with what is comfortable, or how some people are comfortable to go outside of the box. In light of difficult personalities, who stayed stubbornly ingrained and dug themselves in and even ‘the truth’ could not change their minds…well, it’s related to an active or inactive part of the brain. The book was really discussing depression, add, adhd and the like but I was drawing inferences of it myself.
    Funny side note; (we’re caucasian) my five yr old daughter was wearing her obama biden shirt and one of the neighbours decided to do a personal social experiment and asked her; so, who do you think should be president? (of course she has no clue ‘what’ a president is) so..who do you think she pointed at? I’ll reveal the answer if you’ve had a few more responses..[g]
    (by the way, ‘negro’ is in between liberal and socialist?? well dang, since I’m caucasian, I guess that makes me a socialist since I have no choice there..hehe)

  2. Ingrid: I’m kinda flying blind here since Rothenberg didn’t provide me with enough evidence as to where black folk belong on the scale. This chart may need much revision before I start submitting to peer reviewed journals…

  3. Dr. Slammy, I guess that makes J.C. Watts, former Republican US Congressman from Norman Oklahoma an oddball… I wonder how many black voters are not following the right ‘script’?? [g]

    Dr. Slamster, this article sooo requires some peer reviewing..

  4. I can’t tell if you’re attempting a joke when you say that “Negro… is a genetic defect”. If it is an attempted joke it’s very poor taste. If it is not a joke, then it’s wrong. Skin color is not a genetic defect, but a genetic difference. White skin is actually more recent and is a change from the original human gene pool.

  5. A one dimensional spectrum is inherently flawed. You need at least two dimensions: social policy and fiscal policy. For example, Fascists will be both socially and fiscally very conservative, while Libertarians will be socially liberal while fiscally conservative. “Negro” (sic), will be socially conservative while fiscally liberal. Traditional Liberal is liberal in both social and fiscal policies.