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Blog Reader Project survey

I was recently introduced to the Blog Reader Project, a site that enables blogs like S&R to get some information about their readers. Information like party affiliation, age, education level, and so on. This data is made available to us so we can learn who our audience is if we didn’t know already.

Admittedly, though, it’s so we can target ads at our readers and hopefully not have to beg for reader donations to support our hosting fees….

It seemed like a reasonable idea, so I signed S&R up for the service and am now asking anyone who has the time and inclination to to do to please take S&R’s Blog Reader Project survey.


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  1. i filled out the survey. it will be interesting to see what the results are. my only issue with the questions was there was no distinction between conservative and liberal blogs, it was just generic “blogs.” i could understand them doing it that way though as the survey is fairly long and to have structured it differently would have likely made it too long to be useful.

    on another note, please go to and vote on the question “do you think sarah palin is qualified to be the vice president of the united states”:

  2. Bummer, I went to take the survey and had to enable javascript and when I did the site said I had already taken the survey. Wish I could have helped you but the system was working against me!

  3. I took the survey, I erased the cookies after I found out that cookies were enabled.

    Interesting survey, by the way.