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Avast! Tis Talk Like a Pirate Day 2008!

Ahoy, me hearties, it’s been a long seven years since Dave Barry talked up Talk Like a Pirate Day to land lubbers in every port in the land. Today is the day when you bilge rats sailin’ around these virtual seas gotta speak up yer pirate talk, and smartly too!

What started as a small pirate band has swollen like a gangrenous foot before the peg’s attached and swept the sea lanes around the world. This year there’s pirates taking over online comics, Twitter, games like World of Warcraft and Second Live, social news site Reddit, even children’s shows (Captain Feathersword, of course!).

If yer not up to talkin’ like a pirate without some aid, there’s some good pirate talk here, and if yer lookin’ for a place to play yer hornpipe, or to join yer fellow talkin’ pirates in dancing to one, check out all the festivities around the world. Aye, and if yer lucky, NEXT year the pirates will party near you if they aren’t this year. Or you can set your sails to the wind for the nearest port and pub and start a party yerself!

So get to it smartly!

Aye Aye!

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  1. Well Blow me down! Ah been parsing me words like a lubber all t’day!

    But damn-me-eyes if I don’t make up fer it with a hearty yo-ho-ho-ho!

    (an’ maybe a ration o’ rum–fer ‘medicinal’ purposes, of course!)

    Now avast with this blogging nonsense–it’s GROGGING time!


  2. “Good evening. Laura and I just want to express to the American people that we are deeply concerned about the growing credit crisis. Dick Cheney and I are working with Halliburton to come up with a plan to rescue those who have been displaced by our economic policies. Thank you and God bless!”

    That qualifies as pirate talk, right?

  3. I spread the word on my blog. As a follower of the FSM, my noodey master, I am supposed to rejoice and celebrate on this day. It was a Friday to boot, making it a DOUBLE holiday!