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TunesDay: S&R recommends…

As we noted not long ago, we’re now an eMusic affiliate, and you can sign the heck up by clicking the ad in the column to the right. As part of this relationship, we’re starting a new eMusic recommendations feature, which we’ll run occasionally on TunesDay. The way it will work is simple. We’ll post something about a band or bands that we think deserve a listen and whose music can be sampled and downloaded from eMusic. Can’t get much more straightforward than that.

We’re doing this for three reasons.

1) Yes, if you sign up we get a few dollars. Not enough to bail out Lehman Brothers, but maybe enough to help defray some of our monthly hosting costs. Call us whores if you must.

2) In case you hadn’t noticed, we’re pretty passionate about music around here. We write about it, we analyze it, we recommend it – in some cases we even aid and abet its creation and performance.

3) We want to help deserving artists. The system isn’t what it once was and it’s damned hard for even the most talented musicians out there to make a living at what they do. So by promoting their work here, we hope we can help develop a model whereby you can find great music at a reasonable price and they can be rewarded for their talent and hard work.

So there it is.

Now, for our first installment of S&R Recommendifications, let us introduce you to The Gaslight Anthem, whose new CD, The ’59 Sound, is one of the best pure rock records we’ve heard in a long while. Since the band is comprised of Jersey boys who clearly revere the state’s most notable rock legend, they draw a lot of comparisons with Springsteen. The ’59 Sound isn’t quite Born to Run, but it’s not to be dismissed as simple imitation, either. There’s a haunted working class ethos behind the sound that conjures a couple of other outstanding acts from the greater Jerseydelphia area, as well – Marah and Tommy Conwell and the Young Rumblers (I’m guessing not many of you know Marah and damned near nobody remembers TC&tYR), so feel free to investigate them while you’re at it.

Free to listen, cheap to buy, and the proceeds go to worthy causes like independent music and even more independent thinking.

Happy TunesDay, and let us know what you think.