Ike updates: evacuation traffic and Edmundo tweeting Ike on S&R channel

Post Updated at 4:35 PM MDT. Click on “Full Story” to read the update.

First, Ann Ivins reports that “traffic is starting to pick up along Interstate 10 coming in from Houston. They haven’t created evacuation lanes yet. Gas prices have jumped in the last two hours by a few cents.”

Second, Edmundo Rocha will be tweeting on Ike from a shelter in Houston. We’re still in the process of reloading our Twitter widget, which got zapped during our host move a few days ago. We hope to have it up this evening.

In the meantime, you can follow his coverage on the S&R channel here.

Please check in from time to time. Edmundo is working hard to get us as much news as he can, and we’ll pass along whatever we get. Ann is also doing a nice job getting us notes from the periphery.

Meanwhile, whether your particular approach involves karma, prayer, the power of positive thinking, or something else entirely, now’s the time to start calling in whatever favors you’re owed…

UPDATE: As of 4PM CDT, the National Hurricane Center’s latest Hurricane Ike public advisory said Ike was centered about 135 miles southeast of Galveston, hurricane force winds were extending out 120 miles from the center, and it was moving to the northwest at 12 miles per hour. As of now, that public advisory is 1 hour, 35 minutes old, Ike should have moved 18 miles to the northwest, putting Galveston inside the outer bands of sustained hurricane-force winds. Houston will be hit with sustained hurricane force winds in the next few hours, and can expect to continue being battered by sustained hurricane-force winds for something like the next 15-20 hours.

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  1. Ike has decided to tease us a bit before he hits. We are just told it is has stalled, 95 miles outside of Galveston.

  2. KHOU/Houston is reporting that the eye has shrunk to half its size, and winds have increased from 105 to 110 mph.