Fuck You Justice, we will have our way!

Go for it, boss!

The image, by South African cartoonist Zapiro, is terrifying, and for more reasons than you think.

Jacob Zuma, undoing his pants, escaped a rape charge last year on a technicality after having coerced unprotected sex with an emotionally disturbed, HIV-positive house-guest.  He knew she had AIDS and took a shower afterwards to protect himself from exposure.  This came out during his trial, during which he also declared that she was wearing a skirt, what did she expect?  Zapiro has drawn him with a shower-head coming out of his head ever since.

Zuma is currently head of the ANC, the dominant political party in South Africa.  The goons holding down Justice are the deputy head of the ANC and the ANC’s alliance partners: the heads of the ANC Youth League, the Communist Party and the Congress of South African Trade Unions.

Zuma is currently on trial for corruption in receiving bribes in a multi-billion dollar armaments purchasing scandal.  At the time of the events he is charged with, he was deputy president.  He was also head of the moral rejuvenation committee.

This man will be South Africa’s next president.

And currently, the Unions, Youth League and Communist Party are threatening war if the charges against Zuma are not dropped.  A few choice quotes include, “We will kill for Zuma.”  Judges have been threatened, and the ANC is in the process of dismantling the South African version of the US FBI in order to kill off further investigations of the ANC hierarchy.

Zapiro is already being threatened with million-rand defamation suits by Zuma.  Other members of South Africa’s press are also in the firing line.

This is “democracy” African style.  You have been warned.  The revolutionaries are in charge and justice is not to their taste.  They. Will. Fuck. You.

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  1. Zuma is an extraordinarily bad man and an extraordinarily ignorant man. No question.

    What system do you suppose created him?

  2. Absolutely frightening. Remove the rape charges and all that, and I wonder if the seamy side of American politics would be any better …

  3. JS: “created him” – do you mean that he is not responsible for his own actions?

    Zuma is the logical conclusion of a political party that believes it does not need to be held to account for its actions. Any system that does not hold its officials to the same standards as everyone else very soon becomes the domain of people that ordinary society very much needs to be protected from.

    Dr D: I’m not sure that even Barack Obama – as popular and charismatic as he is – could continue as the Democratic Presidential candidate if he did so on a platform of disbanding the FBI, while at the same time standing trial for corruption charges related to undermining the state.

    But I’m trying to imagine a meeting of the G8 where a future President Obama is called upon to shake hands with President Zuma. My gorge rises.

  4. Whythawk:

    Zuma could not exist if apartheid had not existed. His ignorance, the ignorance of those around him, his anger, the anger of those around him, the poverty that leads them to think it’s a good idea to take from some and give to themselves are the by-products of a system of minority oppression. If it hadn’t been Zuma, it would have been someone else. Systems like apartheid, and the aftermath of apartheid, breed Zumas like maggots.

    The personal responsibility argument is a red herring. Of course Zuma is responsible for his criminal actions. He doesn’t get absolved because of the system that twisted him. Likewise, I suppose a killer bacterium is responsible for sickening and killing its host, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t look to the petri dish that bred the bacterium for cause and effect.

    As ye sow, so shall ye reap.

  5. South Africa is not truly a democracy…even now.

    There is a frightening lack of understanding by ‘superior’ intelligences in the West about the cultural differences between much of Africa and Eruo types, about the poor/non status of the traditional African female (let us not us invent the wheel to ease our burdens ~ let us use the woman), about many tribal practices, the variety of tribes and their primitive beliefs even to this day, violent behaviours, historical and endemic bad treatment of women, an absolute acceptance of the power of the witchdoctor (ignorance incarnate) by so many Africans.

    The terrible system of Apartheid did not create this man..but Apartheid did keep him ignorant, separate and in a state of subjugation.

    When the ANC has a variety of tribes, women, Indians, communists, liberals and a few whites WHY do they tolerate him/promote him and his fellow gang members?

    There is intelligence there: so why is it not being exercised?

    …and how long before China takes over anyway?