The S&R interview: Lee Camp, pt. 1

On February 23, comedian Lee Camp appeared on FOX News, where he proceeded to sound off on the hosts and their audience.

“What is Fox News?” asks comedian and activist Lee Camp on the air. “It’s just a parade of propaganda, isn’t it? It’s just a…festival of ignorance.”

Obviously Camp is a man with some political convictions. He’s also a very, very funny guy, as he demonstrated during the recent DNC festivities in Denver. Appearing with several other noteworthy names (SNL’s Fred Armisen, Sam Seder, Eugene Mirman, and the guys from, to name a few), Camp stole the show with a set that touched on everything from whether America is ready for a black president to whether we’re ready for Miley Cyrus.

Afterward, Camp made a few minutes to answer some questions for S&R and its readers. Continue reading

What's that? An advertisement?! (Scholars & Rogues sells out…)

Long-time readers know that S&R has always scrupulously avoided money, and we’ve done so for lots of reasons. However, lately some realities have begun asserting themselves.

When you have a certain degree of success in this game you reach a point where it starts costing more money, mainly for the bandwidth and security required to handle a growing readership. If you don’t ramp up, bad things happen – like a couple months back when one of our stories hit the front page of Digg and the ensuing traffic explosion caused our ISP to turn us off for several hours. Continue reading