Crime/Corruption the idiots of today, the jobs of tomorrow

By Ann Ivins

At, we understand the challenges of today’s fast-paced job market. We realize that an ever-changing world requires ever-evolving skills. We want to help.

Meet Alberto G. – one of the shining stars of’s Professional Development Program. In the eleven months since his entirely voluntary resignation, Alberto has completed the following courses, custom-designed by to fit his professional and personal needs.

  • War Crime Confidential: Plausible Deniability Beyond “I Don’t Recall”
  • Toadying in the New Millennium
  • Fire Away! No, Wait, Don’t
  • Bobbing and Weaving 101

and most recently:

  • This is Mr. Briefcase, This is Mr. Shredder: National Security and You

Congratulations, Alberto – and we know your star will continue to shine.

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  1. Alberto Gonzales. Thank you, Texas, for yet another first-rate contribution to the US.

    What would we do without you folks?