What else is Palin willing to risk?

by Jennifer Angliss

Let’s take Sarah Palin at her word that Trig is her biological son. We do not currently have any hard evidence to say otherwise, despite all those pictures floating around the internet.

But the evidence we do have is disturbing enough. At 36 weeks of pregnancy, Palin was in Texas for an energy conference. She began leaking amniotic fluid and having some contractions that “seemed different from the false labor she had been having for months.”

These are signs of early labor. And at 36 weeks, that’s premature labor. If you’re the pregnant woman in this situation that’s your cue to go get checked out by a doctor, and we’re not talking about the doctor who is 4000 miles and 3 time zones away. Also consider the fact that the pregnancy was higher-risk given that the baby had Down syndrome; and getting on that plane seems like a really poor choice. Early labor can become full-blown labor very quickly and flights can easily be delayed.

Sure, this story has a happy ending for the Palin family. But it seems to me that Palin took unnecessary risks and exhibited some abysmally poor judgment. If she’s willing to risk the health of her son in order to deliver him in her home state, what else is she willing to risk?

Sources used: Anchorage Daily News

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  2. I don’t think she exercised any more risky behavior or bad judgment than Bill Clinton did while getting a BJ in the oval office.


  3. There’s no truth to the rumor that Mrs. Palin also stopped on her way to the doc for her weekly bellyflop diving lesson at the local Y. Jeez, what a train wreck.

  4. I believe this topic should be off limits. Examining McCain’s decision to choose her is fair game and worth discussion, however.

  5. I’ve been reading Alaskan blogs this weekend; Palin is a trainwreck waiting to happen. And it’s not just babygate, though that may not be over yet…as the National Enquirer is on the scoop. The McCain campaign is busy scrubbing the internet of information. Stuff that was available on Saturday morning no longer exists.

    Apparently, the McCain vetting team is just getting into town today…though it seems that the vetters should find the can of worms before it opens up.

  6. Bob, why should this particular topic be off limits? Sure, it dances near some topics that should be left alone, but I am specifically addressing choices that Sarah Palin herself made and what that shows about her ability to make sound decisions. How is that off limits?

  7. Apparently, the treatment and possible neglect of a viable infant is none of my business, but the status of a fertilized egg in my uterus is hers.

  8. Bob,

    I understand and partially agree that personal lives should play little part in elections. For instance, I would agree wholeheartedly that the books one reads should be off limits, and who one sleeps with, as well (in most cases). But what goes on in personal lives often reveals things about a candidate that the electorate can, and should, consider when voting.

    Jennifer brings up a good point, I think. How good is Palin’s judgment if she’s willing to get on a plane and travel hours and hours to make a high-risk delivery after her water broke? I called our pediatrician last night to ask what she thought, and her answer is pretty much inprintable. That sort of thing just isn’t done. It risked the life of the child at the very least, and possibly the mother’s life, as well.

    When candidates make these sorts of decisions, it begs the question of what sorts of decisions he/she will make in the Oval Office.

  9. Rachel,
    I was comparing high risk behaviors. How Clinton can get a pass with his high risk behavior and Palin can’t.

    Anyways, I don’t see what the left is complaining about. They would have been cheering her if she had aborted her son when she found out he had Down’s Syndrome. But she instead gets their scorn for insisting her kid is born in Alaska and engaging in alleged risky behavior. We don’t know if her behavior was risky, as none of us was there.

    Either way, had the son died from the long plane ride, or an abortion…..He would still be dead and the pro-choice crowd would end up with the same result.

    Meanwhile, the left keeps the long knives ready for use.


  10. I’m curious, has there ever been a situation in US history where a presidential candidate has switched running-mates during the elections?

  11. According to Newsweek, McCain has said that the vetting process of Sarah Palin was “completely thorough.” If this is true, then he knew about Palin’s poor judgment in flying home from Texas to give birth to Trig. The question I have to ask now is whether he decided that her story of having a Down syndrome baby would outweigh the questions about her judgment.

    If he thought they would, then McCain’s judgment must now be brought into question.

  12. You can’t be the future President of the Republic of Alaska unless you’re a native-born Alaskan. Or I’m guessing that’s what the Alaska Constitution will say after the Alaska Independence Party gets its way. Makes perfect sense to get on a plane in that context….

  13. Maybe I should explain it in a different way.

    I do think it is fair to question her judgement on things, but as JS knows, my biggest beef is with the way politics is played these days. Her faults are slam dunks and don’t need to be rehashed. To me the bigger issue is McCain’s judgement. The fact that he either A- didn’t know about these issues or B- didn’t think they would explode tells me that he rushed it and/or had the wrong motives for choosing her. That’s the line of attack, “How and why did McCain choose her and what does that say about future appointments.”

    I think the facts are fine and they are stipulated, the best thing for the Dem’s to do is to move on to McCain. Does that make any sense?

  14. Bob, Actually I think that is what Obama intends. He has stated that families, especially the children, should be off limits in this political race but he has called McCain’s judgment into question.

  15. Bob,
    I think I see your point now, thank you for the explanation. And yes, in light of this, McCain’s selection of her reflects poorly on his judgment as well and that is a story in itself.

    However, given McCain’s age and history of cancer, I think we have to take a good hard look at the possibility of President Palin. In that case, scrutinizing Palin’s ability to make sound decisions is relevant and this story calls her judgment into question.

  16. Jeff,

    Because they are in completely different classes of risky behavior?

    One threatens the life of the mother and unborn baby. The other at most risks the life of the oral sex receiver if the other person has an STD.

    Nobody wants the baby to be dead. Saying that we would be “cheering” is just a pathetic attempt to get a rise out of the pro-choice and pander to the pro-ban. People would have respected her making a difficult decision and tried to comfort her as she mourned the termination of the pregnancy. No one would be exchanging high-fives in the hallway. Saying something as insensitive as this convinces me you’ve never met someone who chose to terminate a pregnancy because of a medical issue.

    Lara Amber

  17. What worries me most is the story that McCain didn’t even get his top two choices (Liberman and Ridge) because the party didn’t apporove.

    As a former republican who now considers himself independent that worries me a great deal. I think Obama is showing the fortitude to stand up to his party when he needs to and that’s important to me.

    I do not want another “shadowy” administration where no one really knows who is in charge. That goes for the machines of either party.

  18. Anybody seen the new stories about her church? If you thought that Trinity was kind of nutty, you’re going to love how she worships!

    Eg. did you know that people who don’t support G.W. Bush are going to hell? No, it’s true; God said so. And another thing: Jesus is in “full war mode”.

    As i said above, “thoroughly vetted” seems to be an outright lie as Alaskan bloggers have noted that McCain’s team only got rooms reserved for this week.

    Bristol Palin’s judgment is not in question and she should be left the fuck alone. Her mother is not a pregnant teen, and by accepting the nomination basically asked for her life to be gone through with a fine tooth comb. The same goes for Mr. Mavericks decision making skills.

  19. Lex,
    I have to agree with you that Bristol herself should be left alone but McCain and Palin should be examined with a microscope.

  20. The trashing of Governor Palin, whether over her daughter’s pregnancy or the circumstances surrounding the birth of the youngest of her children, can only result in a backlash against the detractors. It seems cogent individuals would have already deemed this extremely unwise.

  21. Laura:

    You don’t know me, so I’ll let it slide. As for my alleged insensitivity, you have that wrong also.

    My late, lovely wife had to terminate a pregnancy because of medical issues. I was very sensitive then, and I’m very sensitive now, about human life.

  22. I’m sorry you lost a child, but I stand by my statement that saying “They would have been cheering her if she had aborted her son when she found out he had Down’s Syndrome.” shows a complete lack of understanding of the people who are pro-choice. Nobody would be cheering. I am pro-choice and I support her decision to keep the baby. That’s the whole point, it’s her choice, not being forced on her by a government entity. Your wife had a choice. I had a coworker who lived in Jamaica and his wife needed to abort a pregnancy, due to the laws at the time, it required petitioning the governor. Imagine having to get your governor on the phone to divulge your entire medical situation to get permission to have an abortion, which would otherwise be illegal.

    Do I think rushing back to Alaska was stupid? Yes. She was in premature labor. There is no compelling reason to be born in Alaska vs. being born in any other state. There isn’t a shortage of competent hospitals in the other 48 states. Family could have flown to her while she was safely being monitored in a hospital.

    Lara Amber

  23. Jeff

    With regard to your late wife, lovely late wife, did you not state previously here at S & R that she was left wing…very left against your American Conservatism?

    With regard to Palin I am stunned that she was chosen. But if your support comes from a Christian base then she is just the spice required.

    Anyone who advocates that Creationism be taught in schools as a viable theory is seriously not fit to be a potential President of the World’s leading democracy.

    She has dotty beliefs but her family life is her own. Personally, I believe the questions being asked of her are coming from a sexist viewpoint (whether realised or not).

    Creationism, not understanding the role of a VP and her undignified behaviour during a public radio interview are what I take issue with.


  24. Regarding an earlier comment: I hardly think Clinton got a free pass on his risky White House behavior. In fact, what he got was impeached.

  25. Somehow all of this flurry over the citizenry needing to keep quiet over Ms. Palin’s private life just makes no sense at all. I am reminded of a Matador, who chooses to go out into the ring in full costume in front of throngs of people and face and taunt the bull with a red cape. But in this case, the Matador is taunting the bull with her red cape but saying at the same time, “you cannot charge”, “you cannot fight me”.

    Anyone who submits to participating in politics at this level must be willing to undergo the level of scrutiny that is inherent with exposure. How dare she or her supporters suggest that she is above scrutiny! Anyone who wants to go into the ring must be ready to meet the bull head on!