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Tent State march on the DNC: the voices of the protesters demonstrators

From what I can tell on this morning’s news, it looks like the mainstream press did an admirable job of ignoring one of yesterday’s three biggest events at the DNC: the spontaneous, peaceful march by 3000-4000 demonstrators, led by Rage Against the Machine and an assemblage of uniformed veterans against the war, on Pepsi Center and the DNC.

I’ll come back and editorialize later – bet your sweet ass on that – but for now let’s just allow yesterday’s Tent State march on the DNC speak for itself. NOTE: The sound quality was originally a little muddy, owing to a) I don’t have great equipment, and b) I was in the middle of a demonstration. Many thanks to Mike Smith (aka fikshun), he of Fiction 8 fame, who used his considerable technical skills to clean the audio up.

Clip 1 – peter1

Clip 2 – austin1

Clip 3 – tim1

Clip 4 – alfonso1

Clip 5 – anonmarine1(Anonymous Marine)

Clip 6 – sequence1(Several marchers, including masked socialists and a Code Pink activist)

Clip 7 – nicole1

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