DNC – Tent State, the people (3 of 3)


by mentalswitch

Even more pictures from the Tent State march. Part 3 of 3. Look for a post on Signs and Art from the Tent State March in the morning.
























Make sure to check out the previous two posts for more pictures!

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  1. This is incredible. I never thought I’d see this in my lifetime. As marches go, it looks pretty mellow, but at least they weren’t too apathetic to do the marching.

    What was the purpose of the bandannas? Did you get a sense that some people didn’t want to be identified? I particularly liked the image of the guy with a V for Vendetta mask. I thought the most poignant message from that film was that there is strength in anonymity.

  2. I was in this crowd, and can tell you that Jack’s photo record here does a BRILLIANT job of capturing the zeitgeist. It was an incredibly complex crowd (listen to the audio I just posted) and his images reflect that complexity in its entirety.

    This is award-worthy work, Jack.

  3. the bandannas are a) for the teargas/pepper spray/mace that might be fired on them like on Monday; and b) at the march on Sunday (and Monday) all of the young anarchic demonstrators were wearing them as a form of anonymity. i have seen quite a few of the V masks as well, but was never able to get a good shot – they were so anonymous they deflected my camera. .