DNC – Medicinal Marijuana March (a story in pictures)

by mentalswitch

Here are some pictures from today’s march to legalize medicinal marijuana. There were a lot of people there in sincere support of the cause including one of my good friends who has to have 60-100 tumor-like growths removed every year. There were also a lot of people there who were interested in legalizing marijuana in general. There were also some kids who were probably there because, hey, it has to do with marijuana and they think it’s cool.

Robert Corey Jr., a prominent Denver lawyer who has offered to defend at no charge anyone busted for pot this week, spoke to the crowd and encouraged them not to light up on the walk and to cooperate. Richard Eastman was the primary organizer of the event and if you heard anyone around town this week preaching medicinal marijuana on a bullhorn it was likely him. (see first picture under the cut for his image)

Walkers numbered in the high hundreds, bordering on a thousand by the time the procession reached Invesco Field. At the time we parted ways with them 30 minutes into the walk there had been no issues with the authorities. They were on their way to the protest cage and we do not have any report about what happened once they arrived there.

Word has it that some of the younger “marijuana is cool” crowd engaged the police and were taken into custody but that nobody who was actually preaching medicinal marijuana was involved.







































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  1. just wanted to share the first couple video i have uploaded of the event, there will be more to come. a HUGE thank you to all who came out and supported the cause today!!
    the march-

    rob corry speaks on medical marijuana laws and offers free representation to cases of possession of an ounce or less-