Women for McCain: we will all pay the price of your pique

By Ann Ivins

Yes, I know.

Whatever the private depths of American bigotry may be, one thing is clear. In publicly sanctioned discourse, a powerful black man is no longer anybody’s nigger, but a powerful woman is still every misogynist’s bitch.

Yes, I’m angry about that. No, I don’t plan to get over it, shut up about it or stop working to change it. It seems you’re even angrier than I am, because your rage has evidently destroyed any principles or intelligence you may once have had. Hillary Clinton tried to show you the big picture, but if it’s only about women’s issues for you, let this woman point out what your resentment vote for John McCain will buy you and me and all of our daughters and sisters and friends for the next eight years or so.

  • Federal funding and required insurance coverage for family planning, contraception and preventive women’s health care will disintegrate.
  • Supreme Court justices will be hand-picked to overturn Roe v. Wade.
  • Tax dollars will continue to pour into abstinence-only sex education, which will continue not to work.
  • Emergency contraception will be outlawed or made impossible to obtain.
  • Fair pay for women? Ignored, if McCain’s past record is any indication. And it is.

John McCain belongs to a club that never has and never will want you as a member. Why the hell are you trying to join?

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  1. Brilliant post.

    Bottom line — how can a person, regardless of sex, who describes him or herself as as a Democrat, vote for McCain ?

  2. Amen, sister! But please, please reassure me that it’s just the same 5 women getting interviewed over and over again? I find it really hard to believe there could be that many of these mythical creatures. Yeesh.

  3. My mom used to enjoy her “cut of your nose to spite your face” shtick…and that’s all i can hear when the women scorned for McCain contingent starts talking.

  4. Your second point, regarding the selection of justices, will shape parts of American society for far more than the 4-8 years of his term. If the next president selects conservative justices in their 50’s, we will enjoy the bitter fruit of that choice for a generation.

  5. Polly, I’ve seen a sprinkling of them all over and they’re not hesitant to talk about it. I can’t get a clear handle on how serious they may be, or if this is more like a final “hurrah for our team” or what.

  6. Along the same lines, I’ve been puzzled by Conservatives who keep rattling their sabers about McCain and his VP choices. Does the GOP’s right wing seriously think anyone believes them when they say they’ll abandon McCain if he doesn’t do their bidding? Those are the last people in the world likely to jump ship and vote for Obama, and in this election, staying home will be like voting Democratic. Who are the right wingers kidding?

    Hillary’s disaffected voters strike me in much the same way.

  7. Has anyone asked them point blank if they’re registered Democrats? I know one identified herself as an independent. She wasn’t asked who paid her to be there, I don’t think.