Hey Dems – how about a little something for the effort?

I hate to sound a negative note, but it’s time to call a few DNC attendees on the carpet.

Word flying around the waiter and bartender network in downtown and LoDo is that the DNC crowd isn’t tipping very well. (Sorry, no names or locations here – you’re just going to have to trust me.) I’ve talked to several bartenders and wait staff at multiple places and they’re seeing a lot of 15%ers. Which is to say, people who are throwing down the default amount from a decade ago.

Said one waitress at a popular spot not far from the Big Tent, “they’re tipping okay, I guess, but they’re not really taking care of us.” A bartender from a restaurant near The Can said “I made a lot of money last night, but I made it all off of my regulars.”

Listen, those in the service industry, they’re “the people” we progressives claim to be working on behalf of. Very few ever get rich toiling in the restaurant biz, and my patience with this kind of hypocrisy is limited. Most delegates and media types won’t even feel the difference between 15% and 18-20%, but for a hard-working server, a couple nights taking care of those who appreciate what goes into making that restaurant or bar experience really memorable means … the rent?

So let’s start acting in accordance with our lofty people-empowering ideals, shall we?

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  1. Sorry Sam, but I’m going to have to disagree with you here. You said “default amount from a decade ago”. Why should the percentage increase? The amount the person gets will already be inflation adjusted because of the increase in the price of the meals. We keep upping the percentage and one day I’ll be paying more in tips then I pay for food.

    There is nothing shoddy about getting 15%. 20% should be for stellar service. 10% or less if the person sucked.

    Personally I hate tipping and think the restaurants, bars, etc. should just pay a decent wage and stop asking me to worry about math at the end of the meal. I don’t like the fact that someone is supposed to get more money because they brought me the $20 entree instead of the $15, but the service was exactly the same. Or that someone earns less money just because of the tables they are assigned that week. It’s a stupid practice and more restaurants need to move away from it.

    Don’t even get me started on tip jars.

    Lara Amber

  2. Just pointing it out. Jesh, relax. hahaha. I actually agree with both of you. I hate “mandatory” tips, but I also give 20% automatically because I know they’re underpaid. Hell, I even use the tip jar at the cafes I go to. Of course, having said that, I didn’t get no tips working at wendy’s for 5+ years…