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BREAKING: Tent State march was unplanned

Sam Smith, S&R correspondent on the scene of the Tent State march from the Denver Colosseum to the DNC, has had the opportunity to talk with some of the Tent State marchers along the route, and he reports that the march was unplanned. Several people talked about, Rage Against the Machine talked about marching during their free concert today, and when the concert ended, about a third of the 12,000 concertgoers/protesters decided to march down Broadway from the Colosseum to as close to the Pepsi Center as they could get.

More updates as we hear more.

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  1. As I was leaving downtown Denver tonite, the sky ablaze with a spectactular western sunset, I cruised past Curnevaca Park. Abandond…all but a few canopies waiting to come down. A beautiful park venue which at that time should have been filled with 10’s of thousands listening to music and speechs. This beautiful park next to the Platte river could have easily held 50,000 people with ample services, food vendors, 40-50 port-a-potties, and a dozen dumpsters, Not to mention health/paramedic services. The 10,000 that did show up on Sunday, all to sign up for Rage Tickets, dwindled to a couple hundred and today after the concert, it is deserted. Too bad huge oppertunity missed…It had a great vibe.

  2. They stopped the march at several locations, perhaps to reorganize and ‘plan’ this in an off-the-cuff fashion. I was at the Colliseum when they were lining up to go and then I hopped on my motorcycle. I beat them to the first major intersection by about 30 minutes (quite a hike they had) and I was there before ANY cops were. Shortly thereafter bike cops and riot cops showed up. But had this been planned wouldn’t it stand to reason that the corner would have long been manned?

    I have over 600 shots of the march. Look for a post (or three or four) soon.