DNC visual – August 25th recap



by mentalswitch

At Lincoln Park during a rap show


Brad from BradBlog.com working on a story before an S&R interview


A ticker in the Big Tent


A performer at Lincoln Park


Ralph Nader’s Denver headquarters

Can we get some cops in here?
A Ralph Nader supporter trying to get him some attention
Bascially everyone is going to hell
Repent, you’re evil


Looking for somewhere to go afterhours?
Looks so good… and it’s electric

Outside Big Tent
Big Tent energy panel
Question from the crowd during Big Tent energy panel


Big Tent energy panel


Rober Kennedy jr. on an energy panel
Inside the Big Tent blogger area

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  1. So I’m catching up on S&R at work and commenting on what I see. I get “uh huh” from my cubicle-mate until I say the magic words “shotgun willies”. Sigh.

    Lara Amber