DNC Tuesday protest parade

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  1. Thank you for posting all of these images. Why do I get the odd feeling that this is the most objective presentation of the convention that exists online?

  2. When I shoot an event I like to do what I can to do it right. Like a couple of the Scrogues have said this week we don’t really need to get the big stuff, the networks are giving that lots of attention. But if that’s all you see then you don’t really get the feel for what all is going on. Our stories, our pictures try to fill in those gaps.

    Thanks for the kind words! 🙂

  3. That’s exactly what you’re doing — filling in the gaps.

    I just showed my 13-year-old son all your pictures. He got a big kick out of them and understood most of them too.

  4. I just visited your site and was curious about your name and Mercury symbol. I didn’t think to make the ‘quicksilver’ connection. I’ve got Quicksilver on my ‘to read’ pile, but have only read Cryptonomicon so far. It was cool to find out it was indeed a Neal Stephenson reference!

  5. I wonder what those kind of people do for a living, and why aren’t they working…unless they work the night shift.


  6. Jeff: They’re probably bloggers. 🙂

    fikshun: I’ve read the first two books in the quicksilver trilogy. They rock. Dense as hell, though. Stephenson researched an insane amount history for those books.

  7. Stephenson’s Jack Shaftoe was an inspiration for me and I have personalized the name as a token of certain things he does in the books and as a reminder to embrace his spirit. I spend a lot of time being a little too Daniel Waterhouse…

    Thanks again for the kind words 🙂