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Directions from Lime to the Blogger Lounge

by Djerrid

Photo enhanced directions from Lime to the Nugget’s exercise room (Henceforth referred to as the Blogger Lounge).

  1. Climb up out of Lime and take a left into Larimer Square.
  2. Follow Larimer Street to Spear. Take a right on Spear and follow the canal and crowds down a block to the first perimeter check point.
  3. Show the armed security your nifty purple or green press pass and walk pass the concrete barriers and through the metal gates.
  4. Walk another block through the blocked off and eerily empty streets along with the rest of the smartly dressed, lanyard-sporting hoards.
  5. Follow the tightly wrought fence decorated with dying, long stemmed roses which are guarded by riot police to Al Sharpton posing with supporters.
  6. You should now be close to the second perimeter check point. Enter the tent, show your press pass again and have an 18-year-old put a thubnail-sized flashlight to your pass, wait for it to beeb, be reminded of airport security, take out and turn on your laptop, surrender your laser pointer (and a small portion of your dignity, if you have any to spare), and walk on through.
  7. Pass by the CNN Grill to the actual entrance of the Pepsi Center.
  8. Show your pass again and enter.
  9. Look confused.
  10. Ask someone in a red shirt where the Blogger Lounge is.
  11. Take their directions up the escalator, past the Google/YouTube kiosk and video booths where delegates can record and post why they are supporting Obama.
  12. Go up to the top floor and ask another red shirt where the Blooger lounge is.
  13. Wait for her to say “Oh boy. You need to go down to the entrance and take a left to the press elevators. Take that to the “A” floor.”
  14. Head back down to the entrance.
  15. Find a front desk and ask for the press elevators. They will sound very helpful, tell you there will be a sign and point vaugely.
  16. Go behind the desk and enter the service tunnels.
  17. Follow the tunnel all the way around the entire Center.
  18. Enter the DNC staff rooms and admire the stacks of home made Obama signs that they will hand out to the delegates.
  19. Go past the DNC tech support til you can go no further. Find another lost blogger, figure that two lost people are better then one, and then wistfully watch him abandon his quest as he walks out to the floor with his shiny, green floor pass.
  20. Figure that the Democratic Lounge sounds close enough, so take the sign‘s advice and go ‘thataway’.
  21. Find the media elevators and take it to the “A” floor.
  22. Walk right up to the sign that says Blogger Lounge. Inside will be the Nugget’s training court. Find a seat and think to yourself Damn, there’s a lot of bloggers here.
  23. Hear a rumor that that table is where they are giving out the floor passes.
  24. Wait in line for 15 minutes and find out that this is not the blogger lounge.
  25. Go back to the sign and find a small room where the bloggers are.
  26. Have the nice lady hold you up and ask to see your blogger pass.
  27. Give her a blank stare and sweet-talk your way into getting a guest pass.
  28. You have arrived at your destination.

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  1. Now that is the true pioneer spirit – just keep going until you get there or die. Way to go, Djerrid!

  2. OK, I am now going to add one hour on to the time I had previously decided to allot to get myself to your same destination when I go tomorrow evening. Thanks for the heads-up!