The Scrogue's Guide to Denver and the DNC: three DNC beer events

by Katie Clark

Whether you’re Denver born-and-bred or one of the 50,000 visitors expected to descend upon the city for next week’s DNC, it’s the perfect time to tap into the city’s most prized tradition – its beer. The convention’s first three nights are closed to all but delegates, so here are our picks for the best places to catch the political action while celebrating America’s hard-won right to brews. Err… we mean… choose.

  • Monday, August 25, “One Nation”: Wynkoop Brewing Co.: Mayor John Hickenlooper will be serving his new Windpower Wheat, with a portion of proceeds going to the American Wind Energy Association. No matter your political party, the partiers at Denver’s first brewpub are sure to unite over a common love of the classic cask-conditioned ales. NOTE: Wynkoop says they’re actually sold out for this event, but that folks can stop by later in the week for the beer. S&R encourages people to use their political sweet-talking capabilities as appropriate.
  • Tuesday, August 26, “Renewing America’s Promise”: Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant: With Hillary Clinton at the helm of this evening’s festivities, toast the indefeasible presidential hopeful with the brewery’s famed Blonde Bock, a rich, malty lager strong enough to share a shade with the Senator. A long-time winner of the city’s Great American Beer Festival, here you’ll find fellow aficionados equally willing to debate the merits of German beer and German foreign policy.
  • Wednesday, August 27, “Securing America’s Future”: Falling Rock Tap House: An unmatched selection of more than seventy beers on tap, many of them local and domestic, provide the perfect setting to listen to Obama’s long-anticipated TBA running-mate regale us with America’s strengths. Of course, running down the list of taps is a great way to start tracking – beginning with the topical Great Divide Denver Pale Ale.

For more on Denver’s outstanding suds options, see the Scrogue’s Guide to Beer and Brewpubs.

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  1. D I S E N G E N U O U S N E S S …

    Everyone knows that Obama disrespected Bill Clinton …
    playing the race card on him, and trying to tarnish his
    record during the primaries … but, because of the
    disingenuous DNC, and Obama, and their putting party
    above country, and blackmailing the Clintons into
    supporting Obama … using their debt and Hillary’s
    future in politics as their leverage, the Clintons have
    been strong armed into supporting Obama. Why should a
    successful and respected two term President like
    Bill Clinton have to stoop to the ambitions of the far
    left DNC, and their upstart, empty suit candidate …
    while Obama and the DNC disingenuously pretend that everybody has
    kissed and made up??? Also, the PUMAS and other
    Hillary supporters have had to endure the same
    condescending disrespect from them as well. I say
    the DNC and Obama made their bed, so let them lie
    in it … they deserve nothing more.