Strengthen your constitution during convention week at Lannie’s!

By Rori Black

Like the DNC, Burlesque has taken Denver by storm, and the best place in town to catch the best of classic and neoburlesque is the gorgeous Lannie’s Clocktower Cabaret!  Burlesque is rooted in political satire, and what better way to enjoy this historic pairing than by enjoying Denver’s finest burlesque, vaudeville, and variety acts?

Join Fannie Spankings, Pierre John Pierre St. Pierre and 2007 Mr. Exotic World, Charlie Champale, as they host a special week of DNC-inspired burlesque. All through convention week the girls and boys of burlesque, including the incomparable Orchid Mei, Midnight Martini, and, Fannie Spankings, will perform acts more scandalous than Republican politics, more beautiful than Obama and more amazing than McCain’s elderly hobble for the presidency. As always, these gorgeous girls and boys will be joined by vaudevillians, buskers, songbirds and comedians, all of whom will be providing just the right after-hours perspective to relax and really enjoy your politics.  Acts include nods to the classic beauties of strip tease, Tempest Storm and Sally Rand, as well as neoburlesque high-flying aerialists and gymnasts.  In addition to the lovely ladies, Charlie Champale is certain to amuse with his hilarious and bitingly satirical boylesque.

Access denied to the convention? Not to worry. Tuesday through Thursday during the day, Lannie’s will be providing big-screen, gavel-to-gavel coverage in the comfort of the luxurious lounge. Enjoy handcrafted cocktails and savory snacks as you follow all your favorite delegates as they cast their votes for the first black presidential nominee in U.S. history. Wondering who will be Obama’s pick for vice-president? Find out while relaxing in an historic Denver Landmark, just blocks from the Convention.

Lannie’s Clocktower Cabaret is located at the corner of 16th & Arapahoe in downtown Denver below the historic Daniels & Fisher Tower. Plush seating and a relaxed atmosphere make Lannie’s the destination for those looking to unwind from the blue-meets-blue madness of the DNC.

So don’t miss out! Join your conspicuous cohorts and come down for the greatest week of burlesque and madcap comedy Denver has ever seen!

Schedule of events:

Gavel to Gavel coverage – Monday – Thursday at 4:00-9:00
Convention Comedy and Burlesque – Monday and Tuesday at 9:00
Naughty Pierre’s Burlesque and Comedy Extravaganza – Thursday at 8:00 pm
Off the Clock: Late Night Burlesque Show – Saturday at 11:00

Reservations recommended!

For full information, please see the Lannie’s Clocktower Cabaret website at http://www.lannies.com/.