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The Scrogue’s Guide to Denver and the DNC: Where to take the kids


by Djerrid

For those of you who spend more time watching your kid crawl then doing a pub crawl, here’s a few places to bring those smaller versions of yourselves.

Got a kid who loves bugs?Butterfly Pavilion has creepy crawlies (Say hi to Rosie for me!), a starfish touch tank, and huge butterflies.Go at 12:30 or 3:30 to see the staff release some butterflies and learn a bit more.

Does your family prefer fish?Check out the Denver Aquarium.Not only are there a ton of fish and birds, but there is a tank of stingrays you can feed and touch, and tigers!

What about other animals?The Denver Zoo is the place for you.Best to do this on a cool day (80 degrees or so) so the animals will be out and about.Check out their daily schedule for shows and feedings.

Right near the zoo is the Nature and Science Museum, with attractions dealing with dinosaurs, health, ancient Colorado, space, etc.There’s also a planetarium and an IMAX theatre, so check out what’s playing.

Want a different kind of museum?There are two children’s museums in the area:The WOW! Museum in Lafayette, and the Children’s Museum ofDenver.My kids prefer the smaller, more intimate WOW! Museum, but the Children’s Museum is a quick jump from Invesco Field.

And if you want something a little more serene, check out the Botanical Gardens. Wander through about 40 different gardens, including the Children’s Secret Path, where touching, smelling, and digging in the dirt are encouraged.

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  1. I have to say, though, that unless you’re planning on bringing the whole family with you, and your significant other can watch the kids while you’re being a delegate, the schedule looks crazy enough that bringing kids would be a recipe for trouble.

    Please, consider leaving the kids home.