C'mon John! Get positive! (an open letter to John McCain)

by JS O’Brien

Dear John,

I suppose I should really address this to your campaign managers, since you don’t know how to use a computer to read this.  But maybe they’ll print it up and hand it to you.

Anyway, John, your campaign is starting to smell like a beached sturgeon.  The whole thing with Paris Hilton and the other bimbo?  Lame, lame, lame.  I want you to win, man, but you seem to be trying your best to blow it.  Trying to link Obama to some dumb blonde chicks is not gonna get you to the White House, OK?  If you want to get there, you’re going to have to explain yourself and your positions to the  American public.

Take affirmative action, for example.  You’ve come out in favor of amendments in the states banning affirmative action.  Good on ya!  Now there’s a positive message that will get the folks out and pulling that old handle next to your name!  On the other hand, I’ve seen some of your campaign ads, John, and I think you know you could use some help getting your message out.  So, I’ve made up a commercial for you.  You can look at it right below this.  Just get one of your assistants to help you with the mouse.

Oh, and you can have this commercial, John.  Consider it my donation to your campaign.  Keep up the good work.  Fight!  Fight!  Fight!

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  1. I think that is terrible. Really, I do. I do not believe John McCain is racist, although that video certainly implies it.

    I abhor McCains tactics, particularly recently, but I do not think it is good to fight fire with fire. This type of thing does nothing but polarize our country. We ALL need to stop bashing the other guy and stick to issues. I don’t see how this video will make anyone like Obama more, it only serves to make McCain look bad and it devalues his accomplishments.

    I found this blog a few weeks ago and have really enjoyed reading it because it takes an honest objective look at things. I recognize it’s left wing tilt, but do not mind it. S&R has proven to be thought filled, intellegent postings. This, however is not what I expect.

  2. Well, Bob, if you hang around here (and we hope you continue to), you’re going to have to endure a little satire now and then (take a look at the tags).

  3. I understand satire.

    My crusade, I suppose is against politics that only preaches to the choir and fans the flames of us vs them politics.

    Don’t worry, I’ll stick around and keep reading. This is a great site.

  4. Bob:

    Hey man, I hear you. And I’m with you, theoretically. But it’s a bit like the old mutually assured destruction (MAD). The negative stuff works, and the party that eschews it loses. I don’t like it. I guess I don’t have to like it. As long as the American public is as ignorant as it insists on being, positive, in-depth discussions of real issues are the perfect way to lose elections.

    I’m glad you’ve decided to stick around. We need as many conservatives as we can get over here.

  5. Although I have never voted for anything other than a Republican, I no longer consider myself a conservative. I am now a registered Independent and view myself as exactly that. I am currently leaning towards Obama.

    Candidates aren’t negative, party machines are. That’s were reform needs to happen. Obama has stayed very positive and that tells me that he has distanced himself from the Democratic machine, at least to some degree. As McCain has gone negative that tell me that the Republican machine has taken over.

  6. Bob:

    As a communicator trained in cognitive effects on behavior (like voting), I’m just going to have to disagree. But that’s OK. We can disagree.

    Like I said, glad you’re sticking around, even if you don’t consider yourself a conservative.